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4th Jul 2014, 03:16
[UC - Under Construction]

[Note - Lets be real, I'll update this as I get time to and learn more, trying to finish every class in a day just made me have a heartattack almost]

I feel I have a relatively different playstyle and people from my stream have been saying they've seen me using builds they either rarely see or haven't seen before, so I figured I'd list some of those playstyles/builds along with the rime and reason behind it in a relatively big threat.

I'm pretty sure theres at least one if not multitudes of threads out there on how to play every class/build, but I figured I'd give my own opinion on it and see what other people think, maby give some others ideas and such.

This thread will be constructed of multiple large posts, we'll start with the classes I play the most, which will give me time to play the 'lesser' played classes and get to them with a fresh view on them.

If you like this thread you can be sure to check out my twitch here. (http://www.twitch.tv/angelofdeath_tv) and my youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8lcW6GwpO_qRyHIp0OL1Wg).

Depending how much room I can use per post I may do one post for each race, or if I cannot fit that much I will have it split into multiple posts, all filled up over the next few days.

4th Jul 2014, 03:16
Post 1 - Humans - Scout -

Scout is by far my most played class and I like a good hand of builds on him. He can act as a traditional dps with long range punishment capabilities, or he can be a full support with disruption and stuns to completely dissect the enemy team's offense, but he requires his team to have some good consistent damage output if that is the case.

I am not a fan of running more than two scouts and even two Scouts are kinda iffy to me, in my mind one of them MUST be running a build with mark target for it to be worthwhile.

Weapon Choices

Compound Bow 'Ole Reliable' - The compound bow is a very solid weapon by itself. It's damage output is goood , its charge time isn't as long as the warbow and makes moderate poke attempts worthwhile. It has no huge weakness but it suffers the same as most scout weapons where once engaged, you need to commit to charging it if you want to get its large burst out, as canceling at any point after beginning the charge results in a monumental dps loss. This weapon can safely fit in most builds against most compositions and perform well.

Storm Bow 'Storm the Gaaaatteeee!' - The stormbow is also a rather good weapon that will pull its weight in most situations but it really has a niche where it performs quite well. If the enemy team is stacked alot of the time before or during their initiation then the cleave damage of this weapon, whal small, adds up over time, and its 190 damage to the initial target (assuming close range and no reduction, as if the enemy were already engaged with your team) is quite good with its 'clip' size. I like this bow and I used it for a while, but now I only break it out when they have a team of entirely reavers/tyrants that want to stand ontop of our team and AOE us down.

War Bow 'My LEEEEEEG' - The warbow is an amazing weapon, but it turns the scout from a DPS into a solid support. Its clip size of 4 means that you are committing to only charging your weapon and hitting stuns. Which is really strong against teams that rely on The Tyrants Leap attack or the Sentinels Kidnap abilities to initiate. Once your in the thick of a fight if you can manage to not be their primary focus then the stunbot scout is quite fun as you are able to knock down hasted reavers and perform good saves on your allies, all whal providing alot of free time for unanswered DPS. It's damage of 190 is really nice but its a supplement thing, as even if you hit every arrow at close range, if you haven't landed a good charged shot you will not ever kill anything '1v1'. It doesn't seem fun, but i urge you to give it a try if you have good aim, it is by far one of the funnest things to play, even in pubs, so long as your team has optimal dps. (It also puts out a good amount of damage itself, but shouldn't be relied upon as a primary DPS like a hunter)

The Unfortunate thing is though, at the higher levels it feels really niche, and that niche is to be a dick to people by knocking them out of the air or over, your burst damage with draw isn't as high and is delayed by the long draw time, and you don't have the arrows to rapid fire at any time, so its rarely used unless in the goal of aggravating the enemy, because it definitely isn't as efficient as the other bows.

Swiftbow 'One bow to Rule them all' - The swiftbow feels to be the best bow by a large margin. It's quick draw time with still solid drawn damage makes it a huge threat at a range and even once you have been initiated on. It's large clip size and not exactly laughable damage at 175 allows you to with good dodging to have enough damage to win in a '1v1' although you should still be relying on your team, the ability to possibly pick up a misplay or being out of position makes this bow in my book by far the best. Other bows have their uses and you wont automatically lose a game for using another one, but the swiftbow is in my opinion the most efficient and effective bow hands down.


Throw Knives - Defensive Primary Ability- A really solid ability that can be used to interrupt a few of the close range AoE's aswell as the Reaver's leap. It's quite good and its damage is relatively nice if you hit all three knives at point blank range, but anything outside of sneezing distance the damage drops off rather substantially. Solidifying this ability as a defensive one. It has a relatively low cooldown but the chances of you using it more than once if someone is ontop of you is slim to none, it does however provide a timer in which a vampire team must keep in mind when initiating on you because the second stun late into a fight can really swing the tide.

Camouflage - Defensive Primary Ability - A cute ability that has some uses but I don't see it being very useful in any competitive play or against super organized teams. While standing still you are quite invisible but if you are moving its easy to pick you out against the still backgrounds. It's cooldown is relatively long like its duration, but I find it quite easy to try to hit this ability when trying to escape and not only waste it because while moving its easy to spot, but be chased down because of a lack of a good defensive option once you are spotted.

Mark Target - Support/Agressive Primary Ability - A very solid ability with a large amount of autoaim. It does negligible damage but that isn't its use. It marks a target showing them behind walls and in stealth (with a target above their head) and provides 10% additional damage to them for your entire team. It leaves you without a defensive option but it greatly increases your teams damage output. This ability in a public game turns the scout into a very heavy damage threat given the correct weapon, but also turns them into a sitting duck due to no defensive ability outside of positioning and relying on their teammates.

Arrow Volley -Area of Effect | DoT Damage - This is my personal favorite of the AoE Abilities but they all have their uses. The volley is amazing ability for hitting vampires camping on your roof from inside or even the bottom floor of a building. it can be used to reach the top of towers where the humans have no vision of and provide an area of denial while doing a lot of dps to targets standing inside of it. It however, like the turret, zones out the scout and provides an area where they cannot dwell. If you're engaged upon dropping the ability ontop of you is going to hasten your death, but depending on your build may be worth it if you're getting focused down first by the opponents.

Trap - Area of Effect | Burst Damage - This ability is nice for tossing it in a separate doorway while you stand in the other to deal damage. It will hit you if you retreat over it, but if you've done some good damage to your opponent it may just give you the damage to knock them over before they finish you off. It has a relatively low cooldown but is quite noticeable, but when placed well can be used as a zoneing tool instead of just damage, so it doesn't really matter if its noticeable.

Turret - Area of Effect | DoT Damage - Turret is an ability I haven't had much success with but I can easily see why people would prefer taking it. It's quite good against an enemy that wants to be ontop of your team, but it zones out the scout himself possibly making it easier for him to be picked off. It hits in an area around it without hitting rooftops and such so you are unable to hide inside to remain within its area, and in some situations thats better but in others it may be worse. It does however, hit harder then the arrow volley slightly, which could also be all the difference in a fight.

Grappling Hook - Defensive/Utility Batman - This is one of my favorite abilities and I use it almost all the time. The ability for a scout to get to higher ground allows him to punish sentinels very heavily but makes him more vulnerable to reaver leaps and being picked off, but with decent positioning on his team its very easy to punish that allowing the scout a wider area and better angle to rain death on the opponents while they try to get into position.

Builds (Under Construction)

Knives / Volley

Knives / Grappling hook

Swiftbot / Mark Target

Mark Target / Trap

(Saturn's Build) Knives / Trap

Swiftbow/ Mark Target / Grappling Hook

Warbow / Camo / Grappling Hook / Tinkerer(perk)

(More to come, these are just my most common ones)


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Worst Case scenario i'll need to post another 1-2 for everything, but Once I get the third post reserved I'll start out by giving my impressions on scout builds.

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Post 3 - Reserved

Begining editing of first post going with the scout.