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4th Sep 2014, 01:39
When Eidos Interactive in 2000 presented the first game, to me, that had never played anything like it was a good surprise.

I remember perfectly what really captivated me was the soundtrack, and the voice of Agent 47, in terms of history can not say much because it was very weak, only “someone” created genetic to kill, 47 was a empty character.

The character was being molded in the following games, the contrast between his dark side, and the relationship that he creats arround him special with Diana Burnwood , made him a character in change.

Eidos Interactive and IO Interactive did a good job and the "Franchise" began to be recognized with awards and recommendations.

Hitman: Codename 47
BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards
Nominated - Best PC Game

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
D.I.C.E. Video Game Awards
Nominated - Console Action / Adventure Game

Hitman: Contracts
BAFTA Games Awards
Won - Best Original Soundtrack

Hitman: Blood Money
BAFTA Games AwardsEdit
Nominated - Best Game
Nominated - Best Original Soundtrack


Hitman: Absolution

Apparently the game had a good exit, ended up selling well, but ended up pissing some fans, who waited six years for a new game.

Eidos Interactive is bought by Square Enix and I think that was also one of the main reasons why some things have changed in the game.

Leave out the Jesper Kyd was a serious error ("possibly as a matter of costs"), but even worse was the attempt to let David Bateson out of it, which was severely criticized by fans.

The game received several awards, but many fans said it was the worst of the series.

According to the IO Interactive Hitman6 will to return to its roots.
We will wait...

And do not forget - Bring back Jesper Kyd - (“Please”)
Sorry if my English is not the best.
Make it Good - IO Interactive – You know how to do it..

7th Nov 2014, 15:03
I Agree All.
Again.................we want jesper kyd back at any cost