View Full Version : Buying intel etc.?

3rd Sep 2014, 21:00
Do you think its a good idea to be able to buy intel.. (for example. where special items might be..or info about the targets hobbies or tendencies?)
Also maybe be able to buy a disguise. (Mailman, repairman, etc.)
Any thoughts?

5th Sep 2014, 02:59
I think it's an okay idea but clues could be better implemented.

The way I see it, you can only solve a puzzle once; any subsequent attempts involve memory. As such, I want to solve the puzzles for myself, rather than relying on clues that are handed straight to me. That, to me, demeans the experience. I would be more accepting of clues, and perhaps even vie for them, if I had to work for them. Rather than spending money before the level, I'd prefer to work for them within the level. I'm sure this could be implemented through a myriad of efforts, but off the top of my head, I would say via eavesdropping, conversations with NPCs, environmental cues, written clues within the level (posters, sign-in sheets, personal notes found on a desk), etc.

As for buying disguises: No. Though, I do think it would be neat to be able to bring disguises from any level into any level, similar to how weapons have worked in the past games: finish the level in a certain disguise and you can bring it in subsequent playthroughs. Perhaps they could lock this feature until you beat the game, so you can't bypass the game by bringing in the FBI suit into every level on the first try.

5th Sep 2014, 14:55
I think buying intel and disguises would make it way too easy. In past games you had to find intel or eavesdrop for clues. Or intel was provided to you by Diana and you had to figure out how that intel was relevant.

Buying disguises I think would be too easy. In past games if you wanted a repairman disguise, you first had to find someone wearing it. Then you had to follow them or wait until they were alone. Then you had to figure out a way to sedate them or knock them out. Then you had to figure out a way to hide their body so no one would be tipped off to your presence. All this is more difficult than finding a shop to buy a uniform.