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3rd Jul 2014, 19:26
How many of you want to see shows from the Disney Afternoon in the new Kingdom Hearts game?

I do! I love to see Darkwing Duck as a party member, working with Sora or Riku. I also love to see other shows like Ducktales, Talespin, Mighty Ducks, Gargoyles, Bonkers and Goof Troop. (Did I mention that Scrooge McDuck was so cute in Birth by Sleep?)

I remember there are fanfictions where they put Disney Afternoon shows into Kingdom Hearts.
Here's a link to my story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9927324/1/Afternoon-Crisis
I actually first made this as a letter to send to Square Enix as there were no Kingdom Hearts game on the DS at the time that I wrote this.

To any Square Enix members who are reading this post; please can you add the Disney Afternoon shows into Kingdom Hearts. I will love it if you add them in and have the main characters of each show as party members, and also to go into their worlds. Thank you for reading.

7th Jul 2014, 10:00
I know right? Seriously Disney and Square have so much to go on with Disney, the the absolute mess we got (i.e. every game after KHII) wasn't just inexcusable, it was insulting, I mean Cinderella's world? Snow White's world? Seriously? The thing about the TV shows though is that they are a series of episodes, unlike a movie which is just one feature length story. The creators couldn't get away with just ripping one episode to use as a world as it would be too short, and they'd actually have to put effort in to create an original story to justify using them, which is probably why they haven't and won't do so any time soon.

Note: I know gargoyles in particular had a "Movie", which was effectively the first episode, but there wasn't enough there to go on and I'd have appreciated it as much as I did every other world I didn't like...Maybe a bit less though because GOLIATH!!!

8th Jul 2014, 20:35
Good point there.

I think most of the first episodes of the Disney Afternoon shows were movie before they changed it into several episodes.

I'm thinking they could make original story for them like in the Nightmare Before Christmas from the first Kingdom Hearts game. They can use the most popular villains, and make references to some of the popular episodes.

You never know, they might come up with great ideas for original story for the Disney Afternoon (hopefully).

I also like to see the Disney Afternoon characters interact with the other Disney characters, the Final Fantasy characters and Kingdom Hearts characters.

10th Sep 2016, 22:15
i know what you mean
you should add disney's recess too

24th Sep 2016, 23:32
i love all kh