View Full Version : So CD and SE expect me to buy a Xbox to play ROTTR?!?!?!

13th Aug 2014, 14:12
This morning I woke up to complete (excuse my language younger forum readers) bull**** regarding the decision that the next Tomb Raider game will only be sold exclusively for Xbox users. How could Crystal Dynamics chose to make PS3/PS4 and PC users to spend more money for a different console which is ALMOST 4 TIMES the price that we already have to pay for the game alone?! I am a true Tomb Raider fan, but I will just have to sit this game out by watching walkthroughs on YouTube. I go on google everyday and search up "Tomb Raider" on the news link, but now I see that I have been wasting my time (since the beginning of 2014). I truly hope changes will be made because I, along with many other TR fans, will not pay $500+ (XboxOne+ Rise Of The Tomb Raider+ tax) for a game. I'll gladly take a "L", because not everyone can afford to spend that amount of money. We have bills, car notes, and other expenses that our money HAS to go to so we can SURVIVE..... Another SURVIVOR HAS BEEN BORN, because I'm keeping to my word and not going to choose the game over my tuition payment.

13th Aug 2014, 14:15
Not anymore. We have confirmation it is timed exclusive.


13th Aug 2014, 14:56
Xbox One is godly


sorry, coulndt help it.