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12th Aug 2014, 19:22
Hello ps4 fan boys. ..Thought I would just post my first ever forum message EVER. The reason for this is because in my 34 years of gaming I have never seen such moany whining bollocks in my life.


You ps4 tw@ts never say when you get exclusivity. Yet the second something doesn't go your way....BOOM.

you can smoke my pole....You don't say jack when it's a ps4 exclusive like " The last of us" ''the order'' or "uncharted" or "oddworld" or "killzone" or "drive club" or "infamous"......I can go on and on.

If all games were available on all consoles what would be the point in having more than one device? I AM PLEASED IT IS XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE and I hope more games developers jump on the band wagon. Great move crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. Your company will not fold just because you chose the better console.

Oh and Ps4 fan boys. ......Don't blame Microsoft or the TR developers. BLAME PS4 for not paying enough money to keep it available to both platforms.


12th Aug 2014, 19:24
And so the fanboy wars begin.

12th Aug 2014, 19:32
What an extremely mature attitude to have AlphaDog. That was sarcasm in case you were wondering. I am for the game to be released on all platforms - I don't have a stake in the console wars given I am a PC gamer primarily.

It is poor business sense and poor consumer relations to release a game like TR on a single platform, unless Microsoft gave them like 10 billion dollars which I doubt.

12th Aug 2014, 19:34
You don't say jack when it's a ps4 exclusive like " The last of us" ''the order'' or "uncharted" or "oddworld" or "killzone" or "drive club" or "infamous"......I can go on and on.

You should go on, as you've mentioned zero third party exclusive games. Sony fans never complain about Halo, Forza, Gears or War or Fable.

Well, Oddworld is a third party game, but that's also on PC, Wii U and Xbox.

12th Aug 2014, 19:37
As a pc gamer I don't want to play rotr on some crappy ass console @ 30fps with screen tearing.

So even if I was the biggest TR fan in the world, I wouldn't buy an xbone to play this game

12th Aug 2014, 19:39
LOL. An idiot console fanboy.

12th Aug 2014, 19:40
All the games you listed are first party games published by Sony, as much as I hate it they have every right to only release them on Playstation, just like Microsoft has the right to only release Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Gears ect on Xbox.

This has been a multiplatform series for the past 18 years until Microsoft swooped with bags of money.

Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics have just bent over and said "screw the fans" which is a dam shame.

12th Aug 2014, 19:40
So what about The last of us......Uncharted....Heavy Rain. Some of my favourite games I never once kicked off that I had to purchase a separate console to play them. You think my response is immature.....Look at the comments from these PS4 MUPPETS. ...It's a joke.

Guess I finally got sick of listening to their ****ing and moaning that's all.

12th Aug 2014, 19:42
Ummm.....so has battlefield yet you ps4 losers got access to the new hard line beta before anyone else. Seems like the gloves are off to me. I love the fact you now know what it feels like.
Sorry just being honest.

12th Aug 2014, 19:45
alright you guys should cool down, keep this attitude and you will get a timeout.

talk in respectful way about this, according to our TOU!