View Full Version : Better use of tagging and point shooting execution ideas! For hm6

11th Aug 2014, 09:24
It seems absolution omaged red dead redemption with the time slow/tag body parts to instant shoot mode. I think i know of a way to keep this similar but have a 2 in one mechanic that would make it much more useful and effective.

In splinter cell and mgs5 u can tag enemies and keep there wearabouts known as you go threw the map. Hitman should use his execution tags for the same reason. But your in control of when to shoot each bullet at them.

Think of it your sneeking around you see several enemies. You zoom in on someones head and put a skull and crossbones on it, you look at someone else and put some targets on his knee caps, and you point to a light bulb in the middle of the room and place a target on it. You later see a different guy and put a skull and crossbones on his heart . You continue sneeking around and without using instinct vision you can keep track of these skulls threw walls and what not. You notice that little markers next to your instincts bar represents the tags you placed are slowly draining your instincts bar so you try to hurry. You change desguise and enter the main area. But it dosent work the guy with a red skull mark on his head walks up to you to question you and see your papers or whatever. You decide to hold the instincts button and trigger point shooting. Time slows down a little and your more in control than ever before. Aiming automatically gets tight on the first marker and 47 snaps his gun out aiming at the skull on the guys head. You pull the right trigger and you not only execute him with a bullet but 47 automatically snaps to the next target. You dont want to shoot at this guy in the knee yet because he has walked behind a corner, so instead of pulling the right trigger you tilt the stick to the left and 47 snaps to the next target. The light bulb goes out and 47 auto whirls around and nails the other guy in the heart. As quick as bam... bam bam. In the darkned room your aiming at the guy where you placed targets on his knees the aimer is auto locked on and your gun is following him with out your assistance. Your not pulling the trigger yet because he hasent cleared the corner of the hallway yet as he comes to see what happend. As soon as he comes into view you put one in his knee. He yelps and falls down, the light was shot out during all this process and he cant see you very well. As you aim at the last point shot you think about weather or not you wish to diesengage the remaining target on his other knee cause its using up your instint, or instead you press a button that allows you to fling a knife into his knee instead of a bullet. Since you need him to open a voice locked door you have more elaborate ways to make this one die later. hehehe