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11th Aug 2014, 08:51
It seems the immediate desguise change in hitman (becides magic pockets in absolution that there getting rid of) is the only unrealistic thing about hitman.

Since changing desguse is such a staple for the hitman series they should introduce a more realistic system that will be even better for the series.

Ive seen on youtube people breaking records by changing clothes in 5 to 10 seconds flat. It wouldnt be rediculious to think ortmyer trained 47 in such techniques.

-I propose a system that will ustelize this. 1 button that will change the input instructions of other buttons when the desguise button is held down.
You hover over a unconcous body. There are several options to do first when it comes to changing clothes. You decide to rip off the body's jacket and shirt over his head first and in one quick move his arms go flayling over his head and you throw the upper clothes on the ground. Next you choose the body's lower half. In one quick move hitman unpins his belt and button and rips his pants off his legs and the shoes along with them.
Bam the guy is undressed.
Feeling safe you now you decide to work on yourself. 47's hand goes to his neck and unbuttons the top button and loosens his tie at the same time and in one quick hunched over move his shirt and jacket come off. Still no enemies around so you unpin your belt step put your toe to the heal of your shoe and step out of your pants.
Standing in your undies you input and hold the buttone command selecting the torso clothes on the ground 47 puts the enemies button up and jacket on over your head as if it was a tshirt. Standing over his pants you select to put them on instead of just pick them up. Hitman holds the waist of the pants out as he jumps into them quickly with both feet at the same time or somthing.
Bam 47 is dressed in enemy clothes in seconds flat the same as real people can do it and you just watched it happen.

I think it would make for a more intense game if you have to drag a dead body to a dark room before you change clothes, stay on the lookout for npc,s who might walk in on you changing clothes since it takes a little longer. And if you notice someone coming you might have to leave the process incomplete and deal with the enemy with no shirt on or leave the area wearing your old pants or somthing, Hopefully no one will get close enough to you to notice this bald cop is wearing black suit pants;)

-Accessories are a seperate option because their not as troublesome if an enemy sees you tying your shoes, putting on a hat, or buttoning the top button and tightening your tie while your walking out of a room and down a hallway. It would be cool if you can pick up a hat off a hatrack or table and when its in your hand choose to put it back, drop it on the ground, throw it at an enemy to confuse or distract them or simply put the had on your head. customizing your desguise.

-It would also be cool if hitman can take a moment to fold up old clothes or stuff them in a suitcase or duffle bag and take them with him. Start a mission with a suitcase containing parts to an outfit you might need, or steal someones clothes and place them in an area you might need to visit later. Or change clothes and stuff your suit in a duffle bag to carry out with you.

- It would be really cool if blood ruined disguises, bullet holes and blood would make someone elses desguise pretty much useless to change into for obvious reasons. But may be your best slimmed chance if you have no options left.

If all this is done the game could containe gameplay mutators which effect score, one of wich would be to turn on origial instant outfit swap for a more omage retro feeling to the older hm games.

-It would also be cool if instead of underwear hitman wears a skintight stealth suit under his clothes, containing his item pockets like gun and syringe holsters, you could sneak around the map splintercell style but everyone will know your a spy if they see you in the light like this.

Anywho Let me know if you like this idea?

11th Aug 2014, 13:22
Latex 47 is the last thing we need :D

I think you are making it more complicated than it needs to be. Having all of these QTEs won't make the game fun and it definitely won't add tension. It would add frustration and make people avoid disguises. Changing disguises isnt the only unrealistic thing...Instinct is unrealistic. I don't care how much "training" you think 47 went through, it's humanly impossible to see through walls or determine the exact source of a sound through a couple slabs of concrete. Sound bounces around multiple times and the angle at which the wave enters the ear won't be of any precise use.

As far as I know, QTEs have drawn a lot of criticism from Absolution.

11th Aug 2014, 21:09
Vikingvern, I saw you just joined and made these fours posts. Are you serious or just trolling?

12th Aug 2014, 02:35
One major flaw with your disguise system. What if someone is wearing a one piece disguise? Or attachments like a gun holster or a tool belt.

It just seems like a too complicated system and something I'm willing to overlook in terms of realistic. I'm willing to suspend reality for something simple. Getting dressed and undressed isn't really fun and would break a game that's pretty much built around disguises.

I do agree that blood and bullet holes should ruin a disguise, as that would penalize players for using a gun too much.

12th Aug 2014, 05:41
Vikingvern, I saw you just joined and made these fours posts. Are you serious or just trolling?

Trolling? No maybe i joined cause i love the hitman games and wanted to get my ideas out there.

12th Aug 2014, 10:50
Trolling? No maybe i joined cause i love the hitman games and wanted to get my ideas out there.

I was wondering. I didn't know if the big smiley face and wink emoticons next to your posts meant you were just kidding as a lot of those topics have already been well discussed in these forums before. It seems IO is reading these boards and does take ideas from their fans so please continue to share ideas.