View Full Version : Multiplayer Mode ideas! for hm6

11th Aug 2014, 07:53
I think a simple multiplayer would be easily possible. Every single map in every single hitman game so far would work with this idea. Its simple. Simply allow another playable assasin on the map.
In story mode 47 could simply pay a fee to allow a player 2 to help. Every mission that 1 assasin could do, 2 can do it better, the other assasin character could wear high tech agency contact lenses to give a similar instincts mode similar to 47's abilities.
Maybe player 2 can choose a female assasin aswell to help 47 and she can change into all the female npc clothes,

Think of it one assasin goes after the first target while the other goes straight for the second target. Or one player causes a big distraction while the other waits down the targets escape path ready to pounce. It would be simple to add. Contracts mode would benefit interestingly, missions can be done in different creative ways. Just this idea would be worth putting in.

Non coop multiplayer mode ideas could be
-2 assasins on opposite ends of a normal map. The only target is eachother, but ai are present and their paths are the same. If things get loud, after the kill u must escape alive to get the money.
-2 assasins race to kill the target, stop the other assasin somehow and/or kill the target first, the one who does and escapes alive collects the money.
- A bodyguard player protects the target or suitcase or whatever and tries stop the other player from killing the ai or collecting the item.
-Team games could be done the same in all the modes above, up to 4 killers per team.
I can imagine that, everybody walking around trying to kill eachother in the shadows trying not to trigger an all out npc shooting everyone gunfight.

Even if its not the greatest multiplayer in the world i think the fans would truly love it!