View Full Version : Hacking The Fall

2nd Jul 2014, 09:49
I bought this on steam and use a controller, but the hacking is broken. The cursor moves wildly all over nothing like the other Deus Ex game. Can this one thing be fixed please in a hotfix update? Its kinda my favorite part being a cyber punk game. Cant the hacking controls from Deus EX: HR just be copy pastad over???

I think this mechanic being broken damages the Deus Ex brand. Deus Ex used to mean being all cyber punk hacking of things, but if the main mechanic being hacking is unusable, then I dont think anyone will buy future Deus Ex games if they cant be counted on to get this awesome thing right that defines the brand image of Deus Ex. I like the Fall, the atmosphere, the music, I want to like the hacking too T_T