View Full Version : [PC MOD] Burger Debug Mod for v1.4.651.0 HELP

29th Jun 2014, 09:09
Wow.. This is Really Late.

But, Im Looking for a version of this mod thats current, like 2014 current.
Particuler, v1.4.651.0 of (DEHUDC) Deus Ex Human Revolution: Directer's Cut. And, as I've suspected, if there is no such version of the mod up to date, then is there a Patch for, or way to manipulate the game/mod to make the two compatible? I'd really love to enjoy such a GREAT mod, but I can't seem to get it to work at all. And it rips me up that im missing out.

I doubt there is anyone out there that will notice this, or have a responce, but if there is, then PLEASE HELP. I'd mean allot to me, and hopefully, everyone else that want to enjoy the current version of the game with the great mod.

6th Jul 2014, 19:27

I was confused about this too, since the mod's forum thread suggests the most current version of the Director's Cut is

However, if you have the Steam version of the Director's cut like I do, and your game version says 1.4.651.0, then use this one (http://mod.gib.me/deusex3/map-select+debug-menu_1.3.643.1.7z) that's for the 'vanilla' game. It seems to work.

Just to be safe though, make sure you take your patch2.000 file and stash it in a backup folder before you install the new one.