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26th Jun 2014, 08:25
Method 1 of 2: Equipment
Look into your local sports shop and pick out the right gear. You will need a basic pair of gloves and pads along with a helmet and bat. If you are a wicket keeper, you can buy a pair of special webbed wicket keeping gloves, as the wicket keeping pads are not necessary. Cricket shoes are optional as most players wear any trainers with a firm grip. Other accessories, such as thigh and arm pads, inner batting gloves are optional.you will also need cricket whites. There is also a bag which you can put all your kit in which is priced from £10.00 - £40.00

Method 2 of 2: Training
Find your local cricket club and find out if they are running a weekly men/women's cricket training course. Check to see if they have an adequate ground and one or two cricket nets.
Find a team. After a good couple of months, you should start thinking about their teams. Have look and then attend the try-outs. If you start playing for their team this will improve your career.
If you are improving at your club, start looking for a county club and try-out for them.
Watch county/international matches. Try and purchase tickets for a local match. This will help you see the different techniques of the pro players.
Focus. If you are a batsman, spend limitless time perfecting each move and with bowlers spend hours practising pace or spin. Cricket is all about determination.

19th Mar 2015, 05:47
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2nd Dec 2018, 07:34