View Full Version : Should we have a Creation Kit for ROTTR

21st Jun 2014, 15:49

The TES Series has one, so why not us.

ROTTR will be Big and we will go to World Locations, so with the possibility of the CK we can Change or Add New things in the Game, then Square will see how much better the Game looks and thus get an Idea of how TR3 should be by picking out the Popular Mods.

21st Jun 2014, 15:54
im sorry to come over as stupid, but you mean something like a level editor?

21st Jun 2014, 15:55
Yes :p

21st Jun 2014, 15:59
lol. ok, maybe you should add a third option like, " i dont care". ;)
just a suggestion.

21st Jun 2014, 16:01
Ok, Driber :p

21st Jun 2014, 16:14
I honestly don't see it happening.

The fans have been asking CD for a level editor for many, many years, to no avail.

The bottom line is that as long as CD is making TR games with the engine(s) they are using, it's very unlikely they'll want to give out creative control, methinks.

Yeah, some games have level editors. Most don't. And probably because of that reason.

21st Jun 2014, 16:16
What about the models for XNALara?

21st Jun 2014, 16:21
What do you mean

21st Jun 2014, 16:33
there, voted. dont care.

21st Jun 2014, 17:02
I honestly don't understand the I don't care option ._.
I mean, if you really don't care, just don't vote :p

Btw, I agree with Driber. It is very unlikely of them to release it until they'll be using this engine.
Core Design released the TRLE when they moved to another engine (the AoD one).

21st Jun 2014, 17:57
Yet look at those TR Levels People made with TRLE, they are Fantastic


21st Jun 2014, 18:07
Making custom level sure is a lot of fun, yeah. I've dabbled with it myself (http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=1699), too [/shameless plug :p] so I know all about it, and I would be first in line if a new editor would be handed out, for sure, heh.

But like Pidi said - Core released their editor because they were done with it; TR5 was the last game to be made with the TRLE, and Core switched to something completely new for AoD. The situation is very different now with CD and the current TR games.

21st Jun 2014, 18:14
Actually Core Quit making TR after TR4, but Eidos wasent happy with the fact that their Money Making Selling Games were Ending, so they Forced Core to make More TR Games.

21st Jun 2014, 18:17
This would probably only be available to the PC version so I don't really care either way.

21st Jun 2014, 18:36
I like how people assumes they can do better than whatever Crystal does. :)

Not against the idea, long time lover and supporter of the TRLE (unlike most tbh), but I don't see anything like it happening again and, even if it did, I doubt it'd be anywhere as easy as people want/think it to be, so ultimately it would just be a waste of time and resources...

21st Jun 2014, 18:54
So you're saying CD should release a Level Editor of RoTTR so that fans can create levels/games with improvements to that game even before we've seen what the game has to offer? How very presumptuous of you. And what Treeble said.

21st Jun 2014, 21:56
To be fair, it's a good idea but if CD was to take on this project now it may end up half-assed like the MP...

Let CD create a good game first, cover the bases, then add something in.

21st Jun 2014, 23:16
I do like level editors and think they are a really cool addition to games like Little Big planet. With the grid system of the classics it works well but I think with the complexity in the environments in CD's TR games it would probably take a lot of time to split all the level elements into separate pieces. I just think it's unlikely and won't fit with the story/narrative they want to put out.

Elliot Kane
21st Jun 2014, 23:58
Definite yes from me! Fan modding can improve any game, in my experience. I'd also like to see what the fanbase could create in the way of new adventures.