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19th Jun 2014, 21:31
hello forum people

can anyone help me beat the boss lady of the white noise level?

She is invisible, and I don't have the augmentation to see her.

i don't have the typhoon one either :-(

i'm dying in less than 30 seconds every time I've tried it.

I've also grinded all of the levels leading to this to try to get the augmentaiton to see her but I can't

really don't want to give up after playing it all this time

19th Jun 2014, 23:50
bro shoot the pillars :)

20th Jun 2014, 01:43
Listen for her footsteps, look for her outline in the fog. I think you can also see the water splashing when she runs.
If you don't have the typhoon, lead her into the electric panels or whatever along the wall when she's charging you. They'll stun her and you can shoot at her till she drops.

20th Jun 2014, 01:45
I think I just blasted her with the stun gun and then unloaded while she was down.

20th Jun 2014, 06:41
You playing the original or the Director's Cut version?

If playing the original, hide and wait for her to get close to one of the four pillars in the Wall and blast it.

If playing the Director's Cut, you can do that or also try going through a door in the back of the room to a computer room ahead, hack the PC in it, change the turrets to "Enemy" and wait for her to go up there 4 times or so.

If everything else fails, there's this mod that can give you infinite ammo and health...

21st Jun 2014, 09:26
It's the directors cut

I've tried that room

I get shot before I can hack the computer

There is some kind of field surrounding it

I don't have the stun gun either :-(

21st Jun 2014, 18:42
How do you enable infinite health mod on the wii u?

21st Jun 2014, 19:10
Don't worry I got it!

Hacking the turrets!!

You guys rule

23rd Jun 2014, 12:01
Off topic? Sorry, the thread title got me going.... :D

There is only one "White Noise" boss lady - Ms Ella Eyre.