View Full Version : Hitman level contest Round 2 Match 10: Tubeway Torpedo vs. Beldingford Manor

18th Jun 2014, 17:14
This is part of four polls I'm opening today, based on this randomly generated tournament: http://challonge.com/Hitman_tournament

So we have a mission where 47 infiltrates a deep Russian military bunker to kill a general and rescue Agent Smith again, and a level where 47 infiltrates an English estate to kill William Beldingford, his son, and free a client's son from a hunting party. Should be interesting.


Tubeway Torpedo:


Beldingford Manor:


18th Jun 2014, 21:46
Tough choice. They're both classics. Even though the guy in the video killed those poor horses. Totally inhumane and uncalled for. (I did it in the suit, pulled the fuse, grabbed the key and tiptoed past the horses). And smothering the old dude with the pillow is my go-to method.
If I had to make a choice.. Mainly because I like doing the accidental kills, I'll go with Beldingford Manor in a sqeaker.