View Full Version : Announcing Hitman: Sniper

6th Jun 2014, 07:45
The second Hitman game from Square Enix Montreal has been announced...

Get all of the first details here: http://hitman.com/announcing-hitman-sniper/

8th Jun 2014, 22:04
i think that it is awsome to have a smaller section of the company, that has the ability to create new and more experimenting versions of this awsome franchise

30th Jun 2014, 09:52
Looks like the "spiritual successor" Hitman: Sniper Challenge, which means it looks GREAT and is sure to be a "hit"...

3rd Jul 2014, 12:28
This may sound stupid, but I liked the Sniper Challenge more than Hitman absolution. I played the sniper game for like a hundred hours, and in my head every time I shot that punching bag I played the rocky song in my head. That should be licensed and bought for I hope this game which I hope comes to PC because it was AWESOME!!!! Good luck with the sniper game!

Im happy its being released free, it really keeps that hitman buzz going. once the bugs are worked out I would gladly buy this as a PC player who really liked what the team did with Sniper Challenge before the release of Absolution. I hope we dont get left out of such awesome sauce fried gold action :(

3rd Jun 2015, 17:42
Launch Details

Hitman: Sniper Launch Details (http://hitman.com/hitman-sniper-launch-details/)
- Big announcement everyone! Hitman: Sniper launches on iOs and Android tomorrow!

7th Jun 2015, 06:05
i have been playing this game on ipad from the last 2 days. The game is real good, interesting & keeps you on the hook.
But I cannot find any tutorials/FAQ's which may help to understand the tasks a little better.
Right now I am stuck on a mission in which I have to kill a guard through a scenery. Not really sure how to do it ?

Any help/pointer would be appreciated.