View Full Version : cheaters in tomb raider definitive edition xbox one

28th May 2014, 17:43
I was playing the multiplayer and I saw one player from the same team killing other teammates, I thought he was messing around. But he started team killing my when I was getting a lot of kills. This when on for a few games, and I notice that they were in party chat and in different teams all the times I played in that lobby. They were boosting and helping each others, and if some one like my kill them, they had their friend team kill whoever was beating them. I saw them do it a lot of times. Their xbox one gamer tags are Shadi Kane, Sudden Insanit y, VainWizard44506, and Gyls TheSpartan. Please can some one do something about this. I also notice that some if this player are really high in the leaderboards. Its kind of hard to avoid them, when there's a very small community of people playing the multiplayer mode.

29th May 2014, 08:10
Boosters exist but its usually not cheating, sadly its part of what many game perfectionists do to earn a perfect gamerscore for a given game. Future games I think should make the achievements easier to get since the leaderboards are what should count not doing a repetitive thing like kill x with y 100 times or something. Once those players get their achev they leave moving on to a new game so I wouldnt worry too much about them specifically but others will do that too, happens in every game.

12th Jun 2014, 22:48

We don't try to boost like some do in private matches. Someone pushes us to opposite teams. eat a bowl of chick *D

12th Jun 2014, 23:05

Easy Bud.