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22nd May 2014, 08:04
Just don't read any further if you don't want to hear any spoilers.

First off I loved the story, the character interaction, the symbols, and the atmosphere. For the most part is was very well told and cohesive. I would place this game as a solid 9 out of 10 and I feel the way side quests, as a way to advance atmosphere and character development, were the best I've ever seen in a CRPG. Very impressive. But there were a few things that bothered me and left me wondering.

Ok, so to explain the situation. The second attack on Sarif Industries was setup by Zhao and Taggart. The attack itself and attempted theft was more of a diversion or scape goat for what they were really after, which was hacking Sarif's network from the inside.

The first attack was done by the mercenary group that's definitely heavily tied to Zhao and the Illuminati. When you find Megan, she tells you that Hugh Darrow was the one keeping her there. And that he was different and only playing along with Zhao and Taggart, that he's somehow different. In any event, the three of them, Zhao, Taggart, and Darrow are in cahoots and planning with each other. Insofar, pawns to the Illuminati. But clearly comrades.

Now the first attack was done with high precision because of the heavily augmented mercs and the fact that there was a back door in Sarif's Firewall (the fact Sarif left this hole in the system in order to send sensitive data through is really bizarre, but regardless) . They had all the information form Sarif's network, especially their most valued project.

So why did they need to attack Sarif Industries again just to hack their computers? If they hadn't Jensen would have 0 clues to follow.

Another thing that baffles me is why the Illuminati cared about this discovery at all. The beginning makes it sound like Megan's discovery would put a monkey wrench in the works. But it really had nothing to do with their Biochip. The Illuminati's goal was to control everyone by causing a panic that augments weren't working properly, even the genetically superior Jensen was effected. Therefore forcing everyone to go to the LIMB clinics and get a biochip in order for the Illuminati to control the masses.

Why even kidnap Megan in the first place? To speed up her research? The game alludes to the drug companies making billions off of neuropozyne. Megan would threaten their business model with her research, but the Illuminati wouldn't care about that at all. If Megan's research threatened the neuropozyne business, the mercs would've just killed the research team on the spot. There would be no reason to kidnap them.

So my questions are basically:

Why did they attack Sarif Industries a second time? Why kidnap Megan and her team? Why was Megan's research a threat to the Illuminati?

22nd May 2014, 08:30
bro did u play deus ex and deus ex invisible war

22nd May 2014, 09:01
Why kidnap Megan and her team? Why was Megan's research a threat to the Illuminati?

The Illuminati (actually Majestic 12 in the making, a group broken off from the Illuminati...play the original Deus Ex) wanted Megan for her research on the genetically compatible Adam so they themselves can make use of the DNA/research, which is of much higher value to them than the billions from Neuropozyne.

Her research didn't "put the spanner in the works", it was essentially the foundation of the next step of Human Evolution/Transhumanism.

This is if my understanding of HR's narrative is correct. Most of us consider it to be good, one of the better stories in gaming in recent times, but nothing exceptional so it doesn't get a whole lot of discussion here. The original Deus Ex's story is better is the general consensus of course. Lurk first to observe the bandwagon in motion is always a good tip :p

Not sure about the loophole thing though, someone else can give it a shot.

25th May 2014, 12:22
Megan's team were forced to work on the Killswitch for plot convenience. The Illuminati wanted to bring SI down and took the opportunity to co-opt a valuable asset at the same time. You're right that there's no direct connection between the Biochip project and the "Patient X" one but Neuropozyne dependency is still a strict method of limiting who can get auged and the Illuminati aren't about to give up on that.

The "firewall backdoor" is a loose end. Presumably, the PF hacker needed to be on-site to upload the Typhoon schematics (again, plot convenience) but idk if it's supposed to imply shady motives on Sarif's part to leave the vulnerability there and conveniently forget about it after the Illuminati reached out to him. If not, it makes Sarif look rather stupid to not prepare for retribution when he tells them off.

"Companies" didn't make billions off Neuropozyne, a single company did. The drug is produced exclusively by VersaLife, which is run by the Illuminatus Bob Page. He would definitely have an interest in Megan's research and recruits her in a scene which heavily foreshadows the future but is otherwise without narrative context, so we don't know the circumstances or terms of their new relationship.