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10th May 2014, 21:06
I'm playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on Xbox 360, always following the on True Achievements, Xbox 360 Achievements and others online guides, did everything right and still don't got it. I don't know if the Missing Link DLC counts to the achiev or not.

Someone here got Foxiest of The Hounds on Director's Cut?

16th Jul 2014, 07:53
If I remember correctly, there were a few 'trouble spots'. Such as, during the Missing Link portion, once you get to the final hangar battle with what's-his-name, I had to immediately reload the scene, crouch and stay close to the corner quickly. For some reason, it didn't work for me if I tried to play without reloading the last quick-save from there. I hope that makes more sense than it suddenly seems to me...

Also, notice how the boss battle areas are different? You gotta remain outta sight of the new camera placements as well as not allow Barrett to destroy them with his grenades. Avoid going upstairs during Federova's fight. The cameras don't see you until you go upstairs anyways.

My best advice is to go through the game during the second playthrough as you will have all augmentations earned during the first playthrough. Some old school advice... save, save, save. In games where you can save where ever and when ever? Do it. A lot. And then some. Maybe once more. Go for no kills (except for bosses). That'll force you to avoid contact altogether. 'I am but a ghost'.

Finally, throw all other achievement hunting out the window. Concentrate on these and you'll be fine.

You can do eet!

18th Jul 2014, 10:21
I have got it as well, in New Game +.

I make sure to make every mission avoiding silver toungue if there was an option to sneak your way out (like when entering the morgue or blackmailing Taggart), first walkthrough I have done doing this, and first walkthrough I've managed Foxiest of The Hounds so you may take this into account.

Also, what NightEagle1971 said, be very careful when during your final confrontation in The Missing Link; and try to keep Barret from destroying the cameras.

In this same walkthrough, I did went to the maintenance room when fighting Federova and there was no problem with that, and I killed everybody when defending Malik.

And, again, avoid killing/leaving unconscious bodies around.

Good luck with it, and hope you obtain it soon without further issue!

22nd Jul 2014, 05:06
I was able to get it my first time through on the Directors Cut so it is possible. Like one person said, save. All the time. I thought I was just obsessive but it helps :P The boss fights should be fine, however you should be careful at the beginning of the final Missing Link boss fight to duck into cover first thing before the robot sees you. The robot triggers an alarm that might mess with this achievement so gotta be careful. That whole room can be done silently so probably best to do that. Other than that just gotta make sure no alarms go off that you don't notice.