View Full Version : Hitman 6...release pattern

8th May 2014, 18:55
I think I have stumbled on a pattern...If you noticed info. on Hitman Go and anything mobile, has been released on the 2nd Thurs of the month since Feb. 13...Hitman 6 reveal started on Jan 24 ,2014...The second to the last Friday (do you see a pattern? All hitman games have a pattern to figure out)...so if I am right? We should get more info on May 23...fingers crossed.

8th May 2014, 20:38
not sure about that Austin 316.

sorry, i couldnt resist

8th May 2014, 21:07
Yes it is...because I said so...

15th May 2014, 14:59
I may have to stand corrected...The open letter to hitman fans came out the Jan. 16th. on Thurs...Maybe the release will be the middle of the month...on Thursdays?? They messed me up on the pattern when they spoke of the reveal on Friday Jan. 24th...

So hopefully we will get more info today???