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24th Jun 2014, 01:30
Hello bro's i decided i could share a good reaver loadouts (pure damage, cooperative and evasive ones).
This is a short guide for begginers and advanced players so bear with me i hope i could clear some things :>.
Anyways here are most used special abilities:
Leap Attack:
cca 250-400 dmg
While it has good damage range min to max i often recomand it for evasive loadouts since you can simply run on all fours and you can be harder to hit by humans thus increases your ability to survive longer, i dont use this very often but i find it useful sometimes (depends on a player)

Savage Pounce:
This special ability is like a normal pounce but with higher damage and longer cd without aiming assist, its usually picked with combo's like shadow step or the haste to maximise your damage or for evasion purposes.

Sweeping Kick:
This in my oppinion is the most fun special ability for the reaver, it does 375 damage with cool looking roundhouse kick. I find it useful because its the only skill with the aoe in front of you (meaning you hit enemies in an arc) with which you can score double or even triple kills at once.

Anyways here are my loadouts i use for the reaver:

Savage Pounce loadout 1 Damage:

Savage Pounce, Choking Haze, Haste for perk either Frenzy or Bloodlust

Savage Pounce loadout 2 Evasion:

Savage Pounce, Smoke, Shadow Step and Bloody Vitality

Leap Attack Loadout 1 Damage:

leap Attack, Choking Haze, Haste and Frenzy / Bloodlust

Leap Attack Loadout 2 Evasion:

Leap Attack, Smoke, Haste/Evasion/Shadow Step and Bloody Vitality

Sweeping Kick Loadouts 1 Damage (this i use often):

Sweeping Kick, Smoke, Haste and Frenzy

Sweeping Kick Loadouts option 2 Damage:

Sweeping Kick, Choking Haze, Shadow Step/Haste and Frenzy

Sweeping Kick Loadout 3 Evasion:

Sweeping Kick, Smoke, Haste/Evasion/Shadow Step and Bloody Vitality

Basically those are simple loadouts but i mostly use the smoke bomb instead of poison because its most effective in the team fights and you can contribute more to the teamplay.

Anyways this is a guide i said before for the begginers so i hope you find it worthy.

24th Jun 2014, 01:48
Didn't know Sweeping Kick was an AoE, I'll definitely have to try that...

Here's my Reaver Build:

Leap Attack, Choking Haze, Evasion (perk is the skill cooldown one)

21st Aug 2014, 04:39
Waiiit. You didn't really narrow it down much... :scratch: