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5th May 2014, 17:51
Love what the character designer did with Adam Jensen in Deus Ex. The character is so gritty looking, kind of off putting, but very in tune with his voice and character. I wonder what kind of creativity could be unleashed if an Eve Jensen was made? I was thinking sort of like a gritty girl, like Adam, very serious looking, very strong, maybe slightly unattractive in that weird way that somehow ends up endearing looking. Im not sure if it could ever be a game, but maybe some kind of future add on DLC, where she is like a partner or a co worker of some kind with separate missions you playthrough, kind of like Resident Evil 6, where there are diff characters with different storylines all in the same world. Only thought of this as a playable side character, I really like Adam Jensen as a character and hope for more games exploring his story in the world around him. I wonder if other people have their own ideas how an "Eve" Jensen would look in terms of appearance or sound if they designed the character.

I found this image on deviant art of a cyborg girl, showing how someone creative can really create something unique, a bit haunting looking, while the underlying feminine nature seeps through without being overt, which adds to her mystery:

Source: http://ghelen.deviantart.com/art/Cyborg-girl-111459821

5th May 2014, 18:46
Hey, I dug through the threads and found the one Ilves did ages ago.

This is the very last time, I promise!! Something about this rendition really works for me.

Except that it’s not very gritty at all. I can’t seem to do gritty for the life of me.

(switched the link to imgur)

5th May 2014, 18:53
The one by Ilves is awesome. Really, really awesome.

13th May 2014, 04:47
Agreed, Ilves really captured the look I was thinking well, The look is sort of disturbing but still feminine. Its just creepy enough, while looking rugged I think its great :).

13th May 2014, 14:05
I never got the impression that Adam was creepy at all.

Disturbed and potentially disturbing, sure.

14th May 2014, 20:03
Never saw Adam as creepy.... There were far creepier characters in HR. The harversters to me looked very creepy, particularly with the 3 toed legs and shades that made them look like they had bug eyes.

14th May 2014, 23:48
Yeah, nothing creepy about Adam. :cool:

The Omar are not creepy either.... :whistle: :naughty:

22nd May 2014, 12:58
I think our Bridget here meant the "creepyness" of flesh and metal merged, not the look of the human aspect of which we all judge in each other (looks).
I find that figment of Ilves' imagination somewhat attractive, intriguingly...not attractive but attractive. She has a really tall neck though.

22nd May 2014, 16:22
bro eve jensen looks hot is she from the new deus ex gimme a number of a model i guess im going on a date

22nd May 2014, 17:07
I think Ilves' Eve Jensen is a total babe. Can't say I'm a fan of the girl in the OP though, either the girl herself or the terrible photoshop job.

25th May 2014, 07:57
The portrait in Sarif's office of a naked Aug arm girl is Eve to be appeared in the sequel. :D

11th Jun 2014, 04:55
I think.....she would have big bewbs

11th Jun 2014, 15:53