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11th Apr 2014, 04:48
Thank you developers for ruining Deus Ex with "The Missing Link"!
I have played through the game before on a friends computer but it was such an awesome experience that I decided to buy the game for myself so I could play again. So, I went and bought DEHR the Directors Cut on steam and proceeded to delve into the world you spun. And like before, it was awesome...Until I got to the missing link.
Now I did not know that there was even DLC in this edition, so I was surprised and pleased. I saw that my augs were gone but I BELIEVED that those augs I had WORKED for and EARNED would be restored in due time. I proceeded with the missing link and got my gear and found a set of eight praxis kits. I thought "Wow, to bad I took time early in the game to garnish every possible XP point to max my augs early on in the game. But this is still nice". You see, I still believed I would get my augs back. Especially since the player of this game works so hard to max their augs and customize their play style...
I continued and worked my way through the ship. Finished quests and jumped into the pod and arrived at the next mission. And low and behold...I didn't have my augs back! I zipped online to see if I had missed a trigger or something, but nope, turns out with the ML DLC, you are screwed and lose all augs. Thanks for destroying the value of exp and augs in game devs...The experience left a sour taste in my mouth that made me stop playing...If anyone asks me about DEHR I will ALWAYS say "Don't get directors cut because they screw you and take away your augs you earned and don't give them back".
Now you forum people can start laying into this comment with comments like "Stop being such a crybaby" or whatever, but I wont be back. I think I am done with Eidos' warped rendition of DE with their ML DLC. It's to bad, because I loved it without that DLC...but I am not going to buy the game again just to have one without the DLC.

11th Apr 2014, 05:58
Except that you do get your Praxis back. Maybe you just walked right by it.

11th Apr 2014, 22:38
Good to hear that you do get it back. Less good to hear it is even possible to miss it.

11th Apr 2014, 22:49
The ML DLC was developed as a stand-alone experience, so naturally integrating it into the campaign later may result in it feeling out of place for some people. Ironic given the title.
I personally would have preferred it be developed in the main game, like the Fallout series. FO3 and New Vegas have some of my favourite DLC, excellent value for money and extend the life of the singleplayer experience. Not many games get such quality and overabundant content, usually it's just silly overpriced costumes or an overpriced map pack.
That said, the Missing Link is still pretty good and was worth the dough, like HR itself.

13th Apr 2014, 16:02
I had enjoyed the addition of the ML to the main game quite well. It flowed well, and yes.. it would be a shock, if you're quite new to the game and finding all your hard earned augs were taken away, but it was a nice surprise to find out at the end that all your items in your inventory prior to the ML just spilled out all over the place when you open those ammo boxes at the end. The only thing I regret from the ML is your female buddy was taken out. Would be cool to have her back in DX4.