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30th Mar 2014, 07:32
There should be a multiplayer mode where it's hitman against hitman. Both only hitmen as well as with civilians so one can hide in plain sight. And please bring back the upgrades like in blood money. Nt only limited to three upgrades per gun and only for guns.

2nd Apr 2014, 04:30
No. Hitman games have always been about creating fantastic wide-open sandbox areas in single-player mode. Anything that compromises the development of such a game shouldn't be in it.

2nd Apr 2014, 04:58
I personally like contracts mode and think it's the best direction they can go for multiplayer. I can only imagine how much better it'll be with huge open levels which are supposed to be in HM6.

4th Apr 2014, 12:02
It'd beer brilliant if you could make a character then you all act normal on the level (no health bar or give away) and must assassinate all other players. Butt I'm Moore concerned about if the single player is as terrible and arcade like as absolution.

29th May 2014, 13:55
I always had an idea for multiplayer, but which also felt partly like the single player. Imagine the single player game and expansive maps where one hitman has five random targets (or more and preferably targets which are not that close together). The hitman has all the utilities you would expect (map or instinct, able to change to bigger guns and use disguises) and the other four players (or more) which have to protect the targets from the hitman (They could be the swat from the previous games or something). These swat players have no map, no ability to change guns and cannot wear different outfits / disguises. All the other normal civilians and body guards of the area could be there too (just not as effective or patrolling the map at all - apart from civilians doing their thing).

The aim for the hitman is to kill as many of the targets as possible and escape. The hitman could even have exclusive access to environmental traps (such as shutting down a power source from the original games - just so the swat players cannot mess with the hitman's plans too much) The swat players get points (or money for upgrades or something) for killing the hitman in that round and for contributing to the death of the hitman. The swat players cannot kill other swat members or targets (just to take out the frustration of trolling players). They can kill 5 - 10 ish non-hitman targets before the AI body guards around the map starting killing that swat member on suspicion of him being a hitman. (so the swat players do not go around killing all civilians in hope of eventually finding and killing the hitman). After the round the roles switch up. When a swat player is dead they are spectating the other swat players (or perhaps in CCTV camera's trying to scan civilians, bodyguards, ect. for the hitman, when found an icon will light up for all alive swat members to see the last location of the scanned hitman as an alternative perhaps to sitting around waiting - the scanning once found needs to cool off though for one minute to make it somewhat fair I guess).

So it would kind of be like the single player, but with more unexpected changes in game-play. Perhaps these kind of ideas could come out as DLC though, I do agree more time needs spending on the single player, but that said other people I know also do want some kind of experience where we can play the game together (not just challenge each other) at some point - even if it is DLC. :) Thank you for reading my idea if you did :D