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28th Mar 2014, 23:39
A Deus Ex Gameplay, Challenge and General Improvements Modification designed primarily for Immersive Sim enthusiasts and old school playaz.

Download Link (http://www.moddb.com/mods/gmdx/downloads/gmdx-v3-b)

-More life-like & challenging AI, in addition to new enemy types.
-Improved and balanced augmentations.
-Improved and balanced skill system.
-Expanded choice & consequence design.
-Increased overall challenge, including an optional hardcore difficulty mode.
-Balanced & improved weaponry.
-Fixes many Vanilla & GOTY edition bugs.
-Altered level design in the interest of challenge, realism and choice and consequence, and also visual improvements for the most lacking of maps.
-Many miscellaneous new features.
-Compatible with the excellent HDTP & New Vision graphics mods (HDTP is a requirement).

"This is Deus Ex on a whole new level"

"If you're a Deus Ex veteran, get this mod. Now. Do it. Go."

It has been an honour to expand upon such a fantastic game and to contribute to the Immersive Sim.
We hope you enjoy the mod and look forward to your feedback.

There won't be another version update in quite a while, if it all, but please report any bugs for a potential patch.

28th Mar 2014, 23:40
Looking forward to it, comrade. Appreciate you modders keeping the dream alive!

12th Apr 2014, 12:11
New quote just in:

"Overall GMDX is an excellent mod that adds quite a few new features, but nothing that detracts from the core DX experience. I highly recommend it."

13th Apr 2014, 16:23
I'm still lost in this DX universe thing you all have been talking about..

13th Apr 2014, 16:44
Here are some pointers for you, I guess this thread lacks some vital information as to what GMDX is, and is now ironically getting confused with the Universe cash cow:

The year is 2000 AD. Deus Ex is released.developed by Ion Storm Austin and published by Eidos Interactive. Critically hailed as a masterpiece by the gaming press and gamers alike.

No other Deus Ex products are developed for quite some time.

The year is 2011 AD, Human Revolution is created/published by Square Enix and it's subsidiaries, Eidos Interactive/Eidos Montreal. Pretty good game, did well in sales, received a lot of praise and criticism.

'Deus Ex: Universe' is born some time later, kinda like an advertising slogan, err, what's the bloody phrase... basically it's the title of the Deus Ex franchise, and the Fall is the first product of many in the Deus Ex: Universe for your entertainment purposes.

GMDXv5 however is a fan-made Deus Ex modification inspired by both the original Deus Ex and Human Revolution, and plenty other games of this type. GMDX attempts to expand upon and refine Deus Ex whilst staying true to the design of the original game, though unfortunately held back by many things such as the terribly dated Unreal 1 engine, no budget, no wages and so on. Just a boatload of passion and design expertise ;)
You can download it for free and play it if you own the original Deus Ex and a PC.
If you have never played the original Deus Ex before then this is not for you.

15th Apr 2014, 10:18
I remade the augmentations video to be more marketable. watch-able, "lite": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR8tEeQ0Txo

15th Apr 2014, 23:51
Thanks much CyberP for your effort on your explanation.. you've cleared the air quite a bit for me. I see now that it is more for PC gamers. I'm a console guy, PS3 to be exact, so I wouldn't have been too privilege to that. Although, the mod still is intriguing.. much like the fan-based film. I got it now..