View Full Version : Director's cut - Missing link - Praxis

22nd Mar 2014, 02:59
So, when the ''missing link'' sequence start up, I lose every praxis points.

How does it work.

1) Do I get them back after missing link ?

2) Is everything reseted or

3) I get them back like they were ? and just add up more after missing link ?

4) do the missing link ones carry over ? If yes, then how it works you get them back, all your stats are resets ?


22nd Mar 2014, 05:47
You just get them back like normal after the Missing Link.

22nd Mar 2014, 14:20
What Shralla said. When you reach the end, right before you hop in the pod to continue your journey, there will be some cases full of all your gear and what not.
I can't remember if you have to manually reassign the augs, though.

22nd Mar 2014, 17:50
You just get them back like normal after the Missing Link.

On deus ex wiki it is written that they CARRY over. But they give no explanation how you reassign the praxis kits and if the ones you pick in missing links have to be reassigned when they are carried over.

22nd Mar 2014, 17:57

At this point you're already in the Missing Link. Will knowing what happens at the end of it really change the fact that you're there? Just play through it and see what happens. You get all your points back, that's all you need to know.