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18th Mar 2014, 21:19
Wow, what a huge difference in difficulty. I'm on my 3rd (4th?) playthrough of DX:HR and this time I picked the ranged non-lethal option in the first mission. Man what a huge difference.
Because it's so quiet, I can take out an entire room of baddies without anyone noticing. Got the ghost objective and only reloaded 2-3 times instead of like 50 when I used the stun gun.

While I enjoyed playing like I was Garrett, learning patrol patterns and picking the right time to Stun gun up close, it was very stressful.

What's everyone else's preference?

19th Mar 2014, 05:30
This has been discussed to death here, but there's nothing worse than non-lethal/stealth bonuses in a game which supposedly endorses different approaches. 9 times out of 10 I took the revolver from Sarif, it's by far my favorite weapon in the game, and an enemy lying with a .357 round in his head can hardly notice me, or set off the alarm.

Between those two you mentioned? They both have their uses and I had fun using both, but I'll go with the stun gun because prod with the prod.

19th Mar 2014, 14:49
Stealth sucks in Human Rev. period, but the stun gun itself is ok (next time allow us to mod it though: reload speed and such, just for greater depth and fun). Tranq rifle is OP.

That said, revolver is awesome but too is OP with explosive rounds, and the dodgy sights are annoying.

19th Mar 2014, 15:48
While I prefer the riot prod and baton from the first Deus Ex, insofar as HR is concerned, I usually used the tranquilizer rifle for long-range enemies, and preferred hand-to-hand knockouts up close. I rarely used the stun gun because:

A) It's too loud, in my opinion (whether enemies can hear it or not, I didn't like it).

B) It's too hard to aim properly. So many times I tried to hit the target, and was *just* off the mark, unless you're right on top of them.

On a few occasions, when there were three enemies close together, I would use the stun gun on one and knock out the other two. That's primarily the only times I normally used the stun gun, save for the Barrett fight, where you can basically just "stun gun" him to death.

20th Mar 2014, 17:05
B) It's too hard to aim properly. So many times I tried to hit the target, and was *just* off the mark, unless you're right on top of them.

Eh? The prod in DX has those moments. The stun gun in HR is fine. In my experience anyway.
Right on top of them? The range of the prod in DX1 is 80 unreal units. Going off this stat, the stun gun's range in HR is about 250 and I never noticed an accuracy problem within that range. This is just me though, I doubt I have done as much sneaking as you in HR because overall it blows. DX1 has much better stealth. Though for both games I prefer combat, but I've still done enough sneaking.

So you are saying you prefer takedowns to the stun gun, the closest we have to actual proper skill based takedowns?

20th Mar 2014, 18:10
In this game, yes. Overall I prefer the baton/riot prod from the original Deus Ex (although I predominantly used the baton, as no ammo required), but insofar as HR is concerned, I found the aim on the stun gun to be hit-and-miss, so I usually avoided using it. As such, the only real option remaining was the "instant win" takedowns or the tranq rifle, and that was almost exclusively a long-range weapon.

Perhaps one day I'll play through, attempting to utilize the stun gun almost exclusively. Maybe I'll get more comfortable with it.