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15th Mar 2014, 02:17
First of all, thanks to Crystal Dynamic for the amazing Tomb Raider reboot. I really like it because of the new direction that you have made. And I am so sorry that if my ideas have already posted somewhere. :D So I will tell my ideas right now and again, I am so sorry if there are any mistakes in words and grammar because I am not good at English :(

First, the abundant of gameplay, I hope CD would give the optional for gamers where Lara can decide face to face with enemies or not. I am not saying that Lara should sneaking around all the time, I hope in some levels of the game, we can use some more tatics around such as the levels after the helicopter fall down in Tomb Raider reboot where you can decide to rambo or sneaking and kill them all. But I hope in the new Tomb Raider, we don't need to kill them all to get to the next sequences (can do this ideas in some levels). Keeping the regen health and cover system, I really like the way CD did to the last game, especially the regen health and auto cover system.

Second, Lara can have choices go to the different directions with different locations in game but still got the same ending. Example: When she is running away from enemies, in the junction, she has to choose go to the right or the left. If she choose go to the right, she would go the the different locations with some small changes in gameplays and some cutscenes would be different a little bit. And if she choose go the the left, she would go to different locations and ofcourse some small changes, too. But after all, the ending is still the same but just give the player more optional and make the replayable for a game much higher. :D

Third, about graphic. I agreed that Tomb Raider is a good port with some new exclusively technologies such as Directx11 features or 3D, etc. But I hope the new Tomb Raider wouldn't so much PC killer with unstable fps even we got a lot of updates *game runs much better then the first released* and please, support tressfx 2.0 for Nvidia users. I want to play the next sequel over 30fps on my EVGA 660Ti 2gb SC. I have a good PC system but can not play well because of tressfx.

Four, about story and give some missions from your friends in game. I have to agree again that the last Tomb Raider has a good story but there is a lot of rush and holes. Hope you guys can do this sequel better (exp: maybe in some sequences, Rayes can tell you a story with some flashback memories and how she met Roths with cutscenes, or Sam talks about Lara when she first met her, etc.) than the last Tomb Raider. Bring more emotions stories in the game and ofcourse still hold some sequences such as climbing radio tower then got plane crash (and after plane crash, too) or waterfall slide. I really like those sequences, it makes the game freshly after shooting or something. But I hope CD could make it a little much more tension and longer. And bout some missions from your friends, exp: Sam has got wounded, Lara have to find and create something to help Sam in the middle of jungle, etc.

Fifth, about puzzles and *traps*, the last Tomb Raider has the weakest puzzle in the entire series, I am not saying the they are bad but it really easy especially in secret Tombs. You guys should bring back some level design for Tombs such as puzzles and bring back traps to give more difficult and more challenges. I know it is just an optional tombs but you guys can do it much better. Please, if Lara still journey in the jungles, please bring more secret Tombs and the level will increase (from easy to hardest) in the game. Please :worship::worship::worship::worship::worship:

jgtgyx_lara-croft-tomb-raider-anniversary-20070402050824506-000.jpg jamufs__-tomb-raider-anniversary-xbox-360-_.jpg
maybe There should have more Tomb as big as those levels :lmao:

Sixth, about the time to finish a game and multiplayer, I think if you gave the optional like I have already said above,the time to finish a game would get more over 15 hours to finish one time (if you gave more directions with different locations from each choices from Lara, the time would be more and more). And with action game, 15 hours is a suiltable time for a lot of gamers. Next, about multiplayer, the last Tomb Raider has an nice multiplayer (my opinions), I found out that it was addictive. But the maps so small, the animations of every character isn't smoothly and the modes is so general (Gamers vs Gamers, capture, etc.), please bring some modes such as 4 or 6 players have to protect some survival against the A.I. or try to expierence with some new co.op systems (offline and online), looking at the coop of L4D series, splinter cell blacklist, and Far Cry 3 or looking at the multiplayer of the Titanfall :p or Battlefield 4 (with some destruction script in game :mad2:) :naughty:

And the last is DLCs, please be bring some singerplayer campaigns (looking at the example of the last of us with left behind DLC), they (Naughty Dogs) did an amazing jobs at bringing singerplayer campaign and DLCs for Multiplayer to gamers, right? I think CD could do the same or maybe better than them. Just try to bring new things and expierence it. You have done right for the last Tomb Raider, all you need is improving from what you got. :D:D:D

Oh and the last of the last is bringing a really challenges Boss (or bosses) jsvwul_trexvssnapwl5.jpg I really missed the first time face to face with T-rex.

So there are many of my opinions about this sequel. I hope CD could see (somehow), I don't know that my voice can hear or not. But hope CD could use some of my opinions. Thank you for seeing my post. :flowers::flowers:

15th Mar 2014, 05:32
I like some of your ideas . I definitely want to see some more cerebral puzzle challenges ( especially in optional tombs ) .

I liked the use of tools like rope arrows , rope ascender , climbing axe for opening new paths and solving puzzles . I hope they expand on this .

15th Mar 2014, 11:36
1: no opinion

2: I never like that in videogames. Sure, it makes for some replayability, but I would rather have them put both of those two locations in one main campaign course. Otherwise it just shortens the playthrough.

3: no opinion

4: I love TR9 for it's extensive cast of characters and focus on storyline, at least compared to earlier Tomb Raiders, and I love it that Lara is no longer this loner but has friends of her own. I am pretty sure that the series will continue in doing so from now on...

5: pretty much everyone agrees on that :)

6: More gameplay length of course sounds good, but if it goes on for too long it may become repetitive, or the story becomes too disjointed. But this I think can be avoided if the extra gameplay is made up of sidequests.
I have played TR9's multiplayer for a long time but I am done with it now. If TR10 has multiplayer I will surely check it out but unless it has something fascinating or new or is just very good I don't think I'm gonna play it for very long. What I would like to see though is the option to play the multiplayer maps with A.I partners and enemies - that would become another game mode in of itself and allows people to experience the MP maps without having to depend on the availability of other players. It would allow people to get the MP achievements long after the servers have emptied.

7: No: I am growing ever more hostile against DLC and microtransactions: it's like taking a number of slices out of the cake, sell the cake for the original price and then sell the additional slices for more money. Let them work on the next full game instead.

T-rex? Hell yeah, and everything else that ends in 'saurus'!

15th Mar 2014, 16:09
I think good DLCs can still be made, but for me the only good bang-for-bucks DLC makers are Gearbox and Bethesda. If I buy a DLC I'd want atleast 6 hours of gameplay in it. Othe short 2-3 hours DLCs feel like torn out of the game to sell afterwards, like Jurre said.

17th Mar 2014, 17:16
You have some good ideas there :thumb:. I have some thoughts to share:

1, I'd surely prefer more freedom when confronted with enemies. I only encountered a couple of opportunities to avoid enemies in TR'13 during my main playthrough. I came across enemies in Shanty Town upon going back for collectables and I managed to avoid being spotted, and it felt a lot more natural than forced fights. The Summit forest felt tense as you explore that area and the combat is nearly entirely sneaky. So yeah, more situations like those would be welcome.

2, I'm all for multiple paths and for exploring whole areas. I'm just not sure about your choice effecting the gameplay and/or cutscenes. I still feel there should be a main objective along a main path. But there should be a mixture of obligatory and optional exploration.

4, I don't mind the idea of extra characters being involved somehow in the adventure, if they're useful somehow. Like Roth sniping at the Solarii so that Lara could cross the bridge, something similar that doesn't take up too much time and wasn't a co-op situation, it was just story based. No more rescue missions and I still prefer isolation for the main part. I agree, CD should keep emotionally charged moments. I also liked action scenes such as those you mentioned. I think flashbacks are nice for character development, though I'm wary of focusing too much on side characters. If the flashbacks are somehow relevant to the story, then all fine.

5, goes without saying ;)

6,Game longevity is fine, but as Jurre points out, there's a risk of repetition. I was happy with the length of TR'13, but a little longer for the main story path and re-playability would be welcome. Less said about MP, the better, imo.

7, The product I'm buying should feel final and whole. Any extra SP campaigns runs the risk of leaving the audience wondering why it wasn't in the main game to begin with. I'd rather unlock things like outfits or weapons for accomplishing something in the game that is then unlocked. Like side tombs, instead of an invisible something Lara picks up, it could be an outfit or an actual tool that goes in our inventory and we can then use it alone or combine it to an existing tool/weapon. Or it can be a treasure and we get rewarded for collecting all of them.

and 7a, for some reason you didn't number your last idea of challenging boss fights. I'm not keen on boss fights, but if they're there, then I prefer ones that have more to them than just shoot until they drop. A puzzle element or a catch to how you take on the fight (non QTE), perhaps, just something additional than regular fights. And not just the same thing only the boss is bigger than normal.

5th Apr 2014, 02:33
bro id like rhianna pratchett and richie casper to work on the plot they know how to make emotions right and world believable and also id like them to hire skrillex to make soundtrack thief had nice wubwubwub tunes id like to hear more in tomb raider id also like to have eidos montreal doing the game or parts of the game cuz crystal dynamics loses their touch i think they need to work on something else like new call of duty or something

5th Apr 2014, 14:25
bro id like rhianna pratchett and richie casper to work on the plot they know how to make emotions right and world believable and also id like them to hire skrillex to make soundtrack thief had nice wubwubwub tunes id like to hear more in tomb raider id also like to have eidos montreal doing the game or parts of the game cuz crystal dynamics loses their touch i think they need to work on something else like new call of duty or something
I didn't think that CD was messed up with the newest TR reboot. It depends on feelings of everyone. EM may have a new project to do right now. If they can be a part, they will still develop the new Multiplayer mode for Tomb Raider sequel. I want Rhianna Pretchett write a story for this TR sequel, but hope it would be more depth. The TR reboot has a nice story but not good enough - my opinion.

5th Apr 2014, 16:24
Miss, your post is nigh unreadable.

About item #4: I think that it's important that the next game(s) continue Lara's story, and although there is a vocal minority that will always complain vociferously about in-game cinematics, I think they are a big part of relating that story - and that is where Lara's companions play their most important part. That's not to say they can't occasionally contribute in-game, but by and large, Lara's a solo adventurer, especially once the bullets start flying.

bro id like rhianna pratchett and richie casper to work on the plot they know how to make emotions right and world believable and also id like them to hire skrillex to make soundtrack thief had nice wubwubwub tunes id like to hear more in tomb raider id also like to have eidos montreal doing the game or parts of the game cuz crystal dynamics loses their touch i think they need to work on something else like new call of duty or something

6th Apr 2014, 04:21
bro with all due respect i am a man and i demand to be called mister instead of miss also i really enjoyed laras companions especially that dumb fat guy reminded me a lot about some people i was just yum yum mmm popcorn and then i was like wow look this guy looks like joheir from my class then i just like call joheir and say bro wtf wut r u doin with lara stop talking to her i wanna some cool scenes go do her or something of course he was shocked and came to my place then we spent evening smoking cigars and playing the game tomb raider connects people truly bro

6th Apr 2014, 10:22
^Maybe people don't like being called 'bro', think about that? I won't comment on your 2nd post as it's off topic.

I will comment on your 1st post though. I agree, Rhianna Pratchett needs to stay on as TR's writer. She knows the characters now and of course must have ideas on furthering Lara's development. I'm not familiar with Eidos Montreal's work, all I know is that they were responsible for TR's multiplayer. I'm not keen on shoot 'em ups, so if their MP modes are anything to go by, we'd get more of that for TR2/10. Crystal didn't lose their way in TR'13, they just focused too much on the shooty parts. This needs to be toned down and the Tomb Raider part of Tomb Raider needs to have notched up a gear or two.

6th Apr 2014, 10:24
Miss, I still can't understand even the slightest gist of your post. Unless of course that's deliberate on your part, in which case I would equate you with a legendary bridge-dwelling beastie.

6th Apr 2014, 12:34
Alright guys, enough with the "bro" and "miss". Use forum names to address each other, please.

And leave out the personal jabs, or have your posts removed.