View Full Version : Remote control guns like Breaking Bad, Law Abiding Citizen

11th Mar 2014, 08:17
There should be some missions where 47 has to take out a group or compound like the Season Finale of Breaking Bad.

Why should all the hits just be one target or a couple. It didn't matter in Hitman 2 planting the car bombs under the limos or the submarine in Contracts about collateral damage.

There should be more options than just bombs. Add a remote control gun like The Jackal, Law Abiding Citizen and claymores etc. The simulators in Ronin that made it sound like gun shots. Speaking of The Jackal, bring back the MP5 SD.

Obviously it's going to be different, and should be, going to a compound in the middle of nowhere than a penthouse downtown.

Should be able to use air ducts and attics more like The Professional or Boondock Saints.