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6th Mar 2014, 00:19
As an 81 YO SP I have reached a point in DX HR that I Cannot pass without the advantage of God Mode. I play SP in Steam.
Can anyone tell me how to get me into God Mode for a few minutes so I can kill the fellow who is blocking my ongoing play. I have (intermittently) tried for over 6 months and my next move is to delete... which I don't want to do as It's a great game...
Any clever helpers out there?
I really would like some help to continue DX HR.
Ian J

6th Mar 2014, 01:04
Hi Ian,

First of all, great to hear that Deus Ex can appeal to gamers of all ages!

Are you alright with using mods to get god mode activated? if not, I'm not sure that there's a way to do it in-game.

Alternatively, if you let us know which part you're stuck at, we may be able to offer some helpful suggestions on how to get past it!

6th Mar 2014, 03:49
Thanks for your prompt reply ashpolt,
I Get to a hallway and entered a double door into a large room and there is a cutscene where two people, man and woman, escape the room via lift (?) at the far end and leave me to face large brutish bloke who then knocks me down and assures me I'm as good as dead! I flee to a corner where he doesn't follow me but starts wandering around waiting for my attempts to kill him.... I may well have got to a point where he is weakened but the usual end is me getting too close or being trapped out of the "safe area". This scenario has been slightly changed each time as I try any seeming alternatives but it appears my brain or co-ordination is not up to it...there might be a trick I can't "see".? If I could get into Godmode (went there about ten years ago!) I could pass this blocker and then drop out of GM and continue with challenges and pleasure.
I'd appreciate some help...any help!
ian J

6th Mar 2014, 03:52
Oh yes....expand on your query about mods....wouldn't that change "everything"? And how does Steam handle the addition of mods?
Ian J

6th Mar 2014, 12:27
Ah, you're facing Barrett then! There are 3 main "bosses" in DXHR, and they're generally considered the worst parts of the game, so you're not alone in feeling frustrated at this.

Unfortunately I can't really help you with mods, as I don't use them for DXHR, but we've got a lot of keen modders in the community so hopefully one of them will help you out. I'm also not aware of any cheats, but again, someone else may know something I don't on that front. The only thing I would suggest is that you drop the difficulty to the easiest level for this fight, and then put it back up? I'm fairly certain you can do that.

There's no real "trick" to beating Barrett, he really is just a walking tank. The only suggestions I can give is that there are little supply areas to either side of the main room which contain grenades - hit him with a bunch of those (particularly EMP grenades) and he goes down quite quickly. He's also not the brightest of souls, and can lose track of you fairly easily if you have the invisibility aug.

Good luck!

6th Mar 2014, 13:38
The Burger Menu gives you god mode: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=121245.

God mode can be turned back off once you put down the boss also.

6th Mar 2014, 14:58
Alternatively, if you have enough of the stun gun ammo, you can simply shoot him repeatedly with the stun gun until he "dies".

7th Mar 2014, 18:29
Sorry late post, but if it still helps.. immediately crouch behind the concrete block in front of you, then toss 3 or 4grenades (make sure you have it, of course), that will quickly dispatch of that bloke. Or I also like to use the rocket launcher you can pick up prior to arriving to the fight; 2 rounds of the launcher and 2 grenades. I'll hit Barrett with the first grenade (while I'm crouched), this will stun him, then blast him with a rocket, then toss out the second grenade, this will stun Barrett again so to buy time to reload another launcher round, then finish him off with the second rocket. Bamm! no scratch on Jensen.

7th Mar 2014, 18:32
Why is it called god mode? Immortality =/= god.

8th Mar 2014, 03:29
Why is it called god mode? Immortality =/= god.

I assumed it was to do with the whole omnipotent thing.

8th Mar 2014, 12:38
Yeah, I can buy the name if it was a mode in a game like Skyrim where you can do literally anything. But Human Revolution?

"Lol, I'm a god"

*hits invisible wall*

30th Mar 2014, 08:32
Alternatively, if you have enough of the stun gun ammo, you can simply shoot him repeatedly with the stun gun until he "dies".

Thankyou Jito463,
After all my trials and tribulations I finally tried your advice and after an emp grenade he died just as I ran out of stun gun ammo! what a beautiful sight!!
thankyou...I'm right into the game again!
ian J

30th Mar 2014, 21:57
Hi Iannie,

Good to hear you've found your way past Barrett! I had a similar issue when I first played, it was a rude shock from playing stealth to suddenly being locked in a room with this brute!

I have another method for taking him out, that also works for future bosses, so it may be worth knowing: If you get the Typhoon augmentation to lvl2 and then carry around 3 typhoon rounds all the time, you are then ready to basically skip any boss fight. Just get close to a boss (but out of melee range), then trigger the typhoon over and over until they die. 2-3 rounds will take them out, and they don't move during the typhoon cutscene, so it really is a boss-skip!