View Full Version : Taggart - Confront or Frame

4th Mar 2014, 22:23
Confront him in public ?

Or frame him ?

Wich is best ? I read on the deux ex wiki that it gives you more XP if you confront him, but only if you get the ghost bonus, is that right ?

The information on the topic seems limited, unless my research skills are that bad...

4th Mar 2014, 23:07
Confronting him was more satisfying, personally.

7th Mar 2014, 23:57
Anymore hints and tips on this pls ?

8th Mar 2014, 03:25
Anymore hints and tips on this pls ?

Why not just pick the one that makes sense to you rather than begging for the "best" answer. Just play the bloody game.

8th Mar 2014, 14:38
Personally, I snuck in the back way, and did not plant the evidence. I was playing the "good cop" character.

As 68_pie said, just choose the one that suits you best. Choosing based on which gives you the most XP is pointless, as you get so much XP in this game, by the end you're overloaded with Praxis kits. Just pick one and go with it. If you don't like it, either reload or choose the other option on your next play through.

8th Mar 2014, 22:32
I ended with a direct confrontation. Since I have the Social Enhancement it was pretty fun and why not use this augments since I have it.

I ended hacking all the possible stuff and exploring a lot after that. It was fun to.

10th Mar 2014, 11:04
Kill 'em all. Let God sort 'em out.

Then again, my Adam Jensen was also an alcoholic who often committed random acts of horrible violence using a shotgun against civilians, setting off car-bombs near police, and leaving mines in areas where the homeless wander. He also gave up on saving the world half-way through and decided to spend his days playing basket ball in a drunken haze.

Maybe yours will find a different way to approach the situation. Mine just let the shotgun do the talking, and likely doesn't even know who Taggart is.