View Full Version : 64bit and some focus related bugs.

4th Mar 2014, 13:51
Intuition seems very broken in 64bit version some things that were highlighted just fine in 32bit version aren't highlighted what so ever in 64bit version. Closest example after new game is tailor shop first mission for engineer. There is broken glass right after you enter the small 1 house area. In 32bit its highlighted and all that jazz in 64bit its not. If you move closer further from it, sometimes... it maaaaaaaaay flicker. But that's pointless. Unique loot isn't highlighted with upgrade what so ever. Wiring isn't either tho I hear it may flicker... sometimes.

Second stealth upgrade for focus doesn't do anything at all. In both versions. First level works and has "debatable" benefit. I mean... you need to be REALLY close and walking to have the benefit. The second upgrade outright does nothing.

And there is plethora of other bugs mentioned enough times here. Entire 64bit version works poorly to say the least. Switching to it drops 20fps right away. For what purpose exactly? It should make cpu calculations faster a bit but instead its worse then before. And before I go... please do fix side mission bug with already collected items... that's just... bad.