View Full Version : Game hangs during loading after Chapter 6 cutscene.

4th Mar 2014, 05:38
Possible minor spoilers ahead.

I'm having some game breaking problems in Chapter 6, after I watch the cutscene at what I assume is the midway point of Chapter 6 (with the Baron in his study, which ends with Garret descending in the elevator) the game goes into a loading screen and loads about 1/10th of the way and then hangs and won't load any further.

The game hasn't however crashed, the tips bar continues to cycle new text and a quick check through task manager shows that the game hasn't stalled. Nonetheless I can't proceed.

Any thoughts as how to fix this? Or failing that how can I get a save game file that is very slightly ahead of this so I can hopefully skip the problem?

6th Mar 2014, 03:58
I still need a fix for this, can somebody help?

6th Mar 2014, 10:59

Have you tried verifying your game file cache in Steam? If you have been playing the game without problems of this kind before, that would be the place to start. You have installed the latest drivers for your video card, right?

7th Mar 2014, 07:35
Yes, have done both. Neither helped at all.