View Full Version : No sound and freezing during cut scenes

4th Mar 2014, 05:32
I'm playing on the ps3 and out of nowhere the sound disappears and it freezes during the cut scenes

5th Mar 2014, 07:18
I'm on PC and just had the same in probably one of the very last cutscenes. For the devs, it was in this chapter's cutscene, I believe:

Chapter 8, I think I'm in

and more specifically...

After the exploring the ship for a while, when Erin is mean to Orion...

... There was absolutely no audio. No voices. No music. No sound effects. No nuthin' for the entire length of the cutscene. Was like watching a silent film :) Fortunately I happened to have turned on the subtitles a while back due to some issues with the audio earlier, in not being able to hear dialogue very well during cutscenes.

Edit: I've realized the issue was probably because I turned the music volume down all the way because there were some annoying music moments near the end of game. I didn't know that would turn cutscene audio off entirely, though (bug).