View Full Version : Game freezing when trying to manually save 100 games - PC

4th Mar 2014, 04:44
I have 99 saved games, and any time I go to try to save a 100th game, the game freezes when I click the "Save Game" button. I have to go to Task Manager and force-close the game/Steam. (I only save so much because of the weird auto-saving issues. I don't want to lose progress.)

I didn't know this was the cause, since there are no warnings or errors. So, I checked. Sure enough, I deleted a saved game slot so only 98 were used and was then able to save a game, no problem. If I try to save a 100th game again, I bet it will freeze.

EDIT: Well, I tried to manually save and it still froze; even with the two open slots. Maybe it's just poor memory management, in general, with so many slots used up, or something.

4th Mar 2014, 09:16
Sorry to hear you are having this problem. It has been reported before by users that the game will crash after 99 saves. The intention is that only 99 saves are allowed, but the game is supposed to handle this more gracefully. We have passed this along to development to hopefully get fixed.