View Full Version : Game Restart Bug

4th Mar 2014, 02:47
So I've been able to do this three times in a row so far. After the events of the tower, and the giant safe, you are supposed to meet Basso at Siren's Rest. Upon entering Stonemarket – Baron's Way South, I realized that I usually hate going through the normal way, since it's pretty tough not raising suspicion when heading to South Quarter. I usually take the window from Blackfurrow.

So I turn around to head back through, and I get a message about Chapter 1. I didn't really think anything of it when I hit OK, but sure enough the game starts to play the intro scene of Garrett in the wagon.

Sure enough going through the gate to head back the way I came actually restarts the game completely. It also overrides any save you are currently on, and removes manual and autosaves. Luckily I had saved in a different slot last night before quitting, so my setback was about an hour or two. This could be a lot more painful for others if they just use a single save.