View Full Version : Attn: Devs. Bugs to fix ASAP, please!

3rd Mar 2014, 23:39
I have had quite a few issues the last ~10 hours I played the game. Especially the Bank Heist map and the City (I really haven't gotten further than that atm). Most common bugs are:

the audio(!) - read more below

that you can get stuck in the environment (e.g. vent shafts – I wasn’t able to move forward, but could reach the grate to open it, however only on my second attempt, as on the first my arms would only extend to pull me closer)

the context sensitive indicators don't always show up. Like "E" for grabbing something right in front of you or for opening a drawer, etc. Or the indicator disappears when you for example open a chest while crouching and as you lower yourself you can no longer reach the content inside the chest, without standing up (dangerous!).

that your movement sometimes feels slowed down. It was very slow the entire Bank Heist job for me. Like, there was a delay between pressing a key and the character acting.

Also, I find the game very choppy and laggy. Sometimes even in menus. Another thing about the menus is that they don’t always keep up with clicks. Like in the custom difficulty settings menu. You can click on on/off, but the calculator doesn’t add or subtract the points.
The audio problems include people repeating lines infinitely or just words (beginning of sentences) in a loop, often overlapping each other, or multiple people speaking several lines at once (including the main character) and also that, for example, the man lying on the bed in the Prologue can be heard (moaning) during the intro spoken by Garrett. You get really confused when several speak at the same time and it ruins the experience. Voices should selectively be muted for key scenes, or even better; prioritized/sorted/postponed.
The audio isn’t lip-synced or synced with the subtitles in the cutscenes, either.

My specs: Intel Core i7 920, 12 GB RAM (1600 MHz), GeForce GTX 670 (latest driver - 334.89), Win7 x64.

Thanks for hearing me out and in advance for fixing all this!
I swear, if these glitches that are in the game were removed, this game would be one of the year's best! I love Thief. I've played it for nearly 40 hours since the release day (2.28)!