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3rd Mar 2014, 17:14
Sory for my english.

When there a thread about missing crossfire suport is, then i am sory for that thread but i find nothing.

In the Release notes for thief and AMD´s 14.2 Beta Driver I read a lot about great suport for Eyefinity and Crossfire Suport.

But i cant find a crossfire Profile in the CCC and the game runs horibal on two card´s.
So where is the Problem?
Is it by me ore isnt there some suport for multi gpu?

I wait a realy long time for this game spend a lot of money in my gaming rig and wont to play in 1600p with full SSAA suport.For that i need the Power of my HD7970GHz crossfire.

Can anybody say something about that

3rd Mar 2014, 20:58
Check that you are running in exclusive fullscreen mode in the game options. CF works nicely with my 7970's. SSAA was buggy for me but ymmv.

3rd Mar 2014, 23:21
Thanks for your answer

Please tell me your Driver Version and your Driver settings.

Thx a lot

3rd Mar 2014, 23:30
In exclusiv fullscreen mode

crossfire works but the scalling is realy bad(i tested only benchmark now)
each gpu get 45% so when this is in game the same its better to run it on one gpu.

But realy thx for your tip

Sorry for my bad english