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3rd Mar 2014, 11:34
I have crash issues with my version of thief on xbox one, at least every minutes playing the game!!! I m actualy trying to end the introduction but i have only crashes after crashes... It makes my xbox restart all! I thought i've seen all bad with BF4, but now i think that the next gen gaming is a commercial joke!!! How can the studios sale such games for 60€ ( i am living in Switzerland) however they are not finished!!! Do you people have same problem?
Thank you

14th Mar 2014, 05:14
I think I'm experiencing the same problem. Game crashes after a few minutes no matter what. Sometimes even at the main menu before I'm in-game. The graphic freezes, audio keeps going for another few seconds, then audio starts to stutter and crash. Xbox one then reboots to the green startup screen.

I bought the game from Xbox one's online store. (downloaded copy) I've tried downloading it about 5 times already with or without ethernet cable plugged in. I tried deleting everything including the save on the cloud and I've also tried deleting the cache by unplugging power for a few minutes. When that didn't fix, I ran the factory reset to wipe everything off the console. Nothing fixed the problem.

I can play BF4, AC4, Ryse, and Max without an issue. (I've played few other games on the same console but not recently.) I verified that AC4, Max, and Ryse play for more than an hour or two without ever crashing so I don't think it's hardware failure or a heat issue.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm on the latest OS version to date. Nothing extra is hooked up except what comes with Xbox one.

15th Mar 2014, 00:52
if only i could play the darn game i do a misson saves come back later only to find out i cant go farther just keep getting sent back to clock tower