View Full Version : City NPC "random" dialog going into a unending loop

3rd Mar 2014, 09:10
It wasn't so bad during chapter 1 to 4 but now that I hit chapter 5 its become really bad and frankly very annoying.

I went to go see Basso in the Siren and as soon as I zoned into south quarter / riverside I kepp hearing about the leader of the Eels cutting a finger off to get a ring... over and over and over, regardless where I go.

It used to switch between a few different dialog options and it wasn't a constant loop

Perfume - Necklace - Bobble that some idiot dropped into the sewer while taking a leak

Now its only the Eel leader's finger cutting adventures and its in a constant never ending loop that follows you everywhere you go.

Really immersion breaking and annoying.

4th Mar 2014, 08:26
It's really getting bad for me after chapter 2 when you head for

Erin's hideout

And I keep hearing the same conversations over and over. My god someone please fix this.

4th Mar 2014, 12:50
Same thing...it really ruins the experience. I've stopped playing the game, hoping that this will be fixed eventually.
Also some conversations appear to occur right next to you but they don't, sound comes from the right but the NPCs might be below you talking.
Sometimes music starts playing even though nothing different happened (like a fight with guards started or someone is really close to you and about to see you), but it didn't. And the volumes seem screwed up, music sometimes is really loud, like when you die, voices are either loud or hard to hear...etc.

They really need to fix the sound issues of the game.

4th Mar 2014, 14:34

I was in the underground library trying to figure out the step puzzle when all of a sudden the dialog ran completely through getting the book to the point where he says something about a night on the town and gets ready to leave. And I hadn't even rotated the 3rd wheel yet, or climbed into the tower.

My immersion was completely dead then so I decided it was time to take a break.