View Full Version : Surround Sound?

3rd Mar 2014, 05:38
I'm assuming since there is only the option to chose Speaker or Headphone that Thief does not support Surround Sound (5.1)? Is this correct?

3rd Mar 2014, 07:40
On PC, my surround sound works, as far as I know. I hear audio isolated to them anyways... and I'm pretty sure if noises are behind me, they come out of those speakers. That said, the audio menu is a little lackluster/confusing in that respect, since it doesn't say 5.1, no doubt.

4th Mar 2014, 01:06
I remember that Battle Field 3 was another game that didn't specifically mention Surround Sound but actually did support it. (and quit well i may add) I'm hoping Thief is in the same boat....not specifically mentioning it but fully supporting it. I'm just not so sure right now.

Hopefully someone will point to an official source where it states that the game does indeed have Surround Sound built in. :-)

13th Mar 2014, 04:58
It's definitely supporting 5.1 surround. I've tested it while turning Garrett in circles and the audio of a guard talking moves from speaker to speaker just fine on my system.