View Full Version : PC Xbox Controller Fault - Run / Crouch / Jump

2nd Mar 2014, 19:19
My PC is hooked up to my living room tv, so I play games using an Xbox 360 Controller. All other games are working perfectly, but I have an annoying bug when playing thief - the Run / Climb / Jump button sticks on randomly (like it toggles on and off), and I need to press the trigger again to turn it off - sometimes once, sometimes 3 or 4 times. It is not a fault with the controller - I have tested it with other games, where it is working perfectly. Sometimes it is enabled when I start a level also. Anyone else getting this bug? It makes the game a very frustrating experience, because Garrett will jump on top of objects I am trying to hide behind, and I keep getting spotted!

Thanks in advance for anyones help...

3rd Mar 2014, 16:20
I can confirm this.
I have the exact same issue with my Xbox controller. At a certain point my character starts using the run-movement w/o any apparent reason or button press.
When pressing the crouch button it sometimes stops instantly but most of the times the character just stands up and starts running again.

This and the annoying sound volume bug got me already killed several times and atm I am actually avoiding to play the game to keep the frustration to a minimum.