View Full Version : Chapter 3: No escaping was done that day

2nd Mar 2014, 13:02
Having som trouble at the absolute end of this chapter. There is a room with one guard and above him 3 points to which you can attach ropes. There are no ropes here. There is a stairway to the right of this guard which is unblocked (watching som walkthroughs this is always blocked, and there are also ropes attached to the earlier mentioned points). There is a room filled with rubble if I go to the right and a ledge that has a doorway leading in too a different room, which is probably the way I want to go.

After 30 minutes of mindnumbing space-smashing trying to find a way to jump up to said ledge, Im nowhere closer to escaping this library. Im starting to feel like there's som bug-related issues involved and no restarting has given me any sucess.

Anyone who has faced the same scenario and been able to solve this? Any tips would be much appreciated.

2nd Mar 2014, 14:14
same here. i am playing on xbox one and noticed all the videos i have seen r pc and have 3 ropes hanging there.

2nd Mar 2014, 19:39
...there's allready a thread that ive made:



2nd Mar 2014, 20:45