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2nd Mar 2014, 08:40
Please make Saved games and QuickSaves save the actual state we saved. I've seen patrols change, KO'd bodies disappear, me appear in a different place than I was when I saved, etc. I'm talking about for the PC.

I had a QuickSave issue where I hunkered down in a shadowy corner with a crate to my left and bright light a foot or two in front. Two guards patrolling side-by-side 25 feet away were not alert, their patrol route pattern came nowhere near where I was, and bottom line: I was in a safe place. Well, upon QuickLoading at some point thereafter, the guards' patrol route was all the sudden magically changed so that they were immediately coming my direction as soon as the game loaded. There was no way for me to escape without being seen. I had to re-load at least a dozen times trying to figure out how to get past them, preferably without damage or them getting alert.

I couldn't mantle the crate on my left (the game had not marked it as a climbable object (there was probably something on top of it)); if I stepped forward they saw me in the light; if I swooped forward and left and tried to hit shadows 15 feet away, another guard on patrol was waiting there for me; if I made a mad swooping dash forward to try and get by them, they easily hunted me down; and if I stayed where I was, their patrol route stopped 3 or 4 feet away from me and they detected me.

To escape, I eventually had to use a flash bomb on those two guards, and another flashbomb on the guard to the left. Luckily I was then able to quickly trigger an escape cutscene to cheat myself away from them all and other guards swarming the area, or I would've had a really tough time getting out of this area.

If the game had properly saved the state the game was in when I hit QuickSave (F5), none of this frustration/annoyance would've happened.

EDIT: And I don't like that you can't QuickLoad as Garrett is dying. You have to wait for Garrett to anti-climactically look at his hands and get the loud audio "You're Dead" screen and load from there. Would be nice to be able to QuickLoad as Garrett is admiring his hands because I really find the"You're Dead" screen too loud and annoying for me. I cringe (not in a good way) every time I see it; and I'm speedy enough on the keyboard every time to hit F9 while the G man is looking at his hands.

2nd Mar 2014, 16:28
I had same issues several times.

Also, nixxes COULD YOU PLEASE REMOVE INI cvars from saves?

Its really annoying that once i load save game it overrides several tweaks i made in ThiefXXX.ini and DefaultXXX.ini, for example disabling of stupid 'shroud' effect!

2nd Mar 2014, 18:10
Yeah, with the game saves screwing things up and not capturing everything correctly, wouldn't it potentially ruin some peoples' Iron Man or other endurance type runs? If you can't manually or cabinet-save on Iron Man, then that's no problem there... but surely there are other customization options you could have enabled that could get ruined by this issue, no?

v00d00m4n - Have you tried setting the INI files to Read Only (Right-click > Properties > Read Only checkbox)? That hasn't made anything different in-game for me yet, I may need to start a new game to have them take effect, but the game seems to leave my INI changes alone when I do that anyways. (Note: You won't be able to edit the INI again until you disable that checkbox.)

2nd Mar 2014, 19:49
Its an old think i was remembered back in the good old days, where thief 1 caught my attention.

And the new revival reanimates bugs, that the original game had, so GREAT JOB! *grin*

A) When I save during an NPCs Dialaogue, and than I reaload, the dialogue is terminated, and NPCs are stuck to there routine. E.G.: Two "Blossoms" are chating in the opium's kitchen. If i save and reaload during that dialogue they do, the both aren't talking, and are stuck to their positions. They would'nt move. How do i know that? I've spended hours on surveiling both girls in order to find bugs - of course.

If the dialogue is finished, one of them goes to the front door. During this, she w00bs up the stairs and is stuck right beside the archway... Funny...

3rd Mar 2014, 00:28
A) When I save during an NPCs Dialaogue, and than I reaload, the dialogue is terminated, and NPCs are stuck to there routine.

Same thing happens on PS4 as well, with Manual Saves and Closet Saves. Ruins whole chapters at times. Very annoying...

3rd Mar 2014, 02:30
Ditto for me. So frustrating!!! Whenever I pick a door lock and go through it, I always save right after. I can't tell you how many times I've saved in a safe spot only to be immediately spotted when I reload.

I'm in a bad save situation as I'm typing this. I picked the lock, walked through the door and saved while 2 guards were talking. A few minutes later, I got caught when a guard lit a torch. So, I load my saved game and as soon as the save loads the loud dun dun dun dun music starts and I'm already spotted 20 feet away and half a dozen guards surround me.

I've tried everything and can't get away without being quilled or hacked down as I'm playing on Master with all perks shut off. Freaking. Annoying.

The other problem I have with is proximity detection. I get it, when someone is practically brushing against you, they are going to know you're there. But, this is a bit much. No matter how dark it is or how quiet I am, as soon as the AI is X amount of distance from me, I am automatically spotted. That's just dumb. If someone is actively searching for me, that's one thing. But when they are casually walking by, picking their nose and its pitch black and I'm in a dark alcove in dark clothing, how the hell can they see me? They go from absolutely clueless in T1 and T2 to some sort of godly spider sense in this game. Argh!

4th Mar 2014, 02:50
Yeah...it's a different guard sometimes. I had to do a double take when a guard suddenly went bald. Then at another place the guard had just mentioned about someone knowing him because he had a hood...but on my next load up it's someone without a hood...in fact, I think it's the guard that was previously standing in the next room while the hooded guy is now in that room; and, standing right where I need to exit. Saves should remember where the guards were...don't you think?