View Full Version : bank heist DLC disappearing desk bug - XboxONE

1st Mar 2014, 22:26
in the room outside the vault there are 4 desks underneath security cameras(2 on the left wall and 2 on the right) The desk on the left wall, closest to the vault door is visible as I approach it and then it just disappears. I can back up and it reappears, and disappears as I approach again. the papers on the desk are still there and the chair is still there, but no desk. I think there are loot items that I am missing in this desk because I cannot find all 67 loot items. Platform is XboxONE

3rd Mar 2014, 01:56
There is no loot in it.

3rd Mar 2014, 08:47
It's not just the XBONE that has the missing desk, its also missing on the PC.

There is no loot in it though.

Look outside on the street where you enter the zone, there is a purse on the ground out there.