View Full Version : is BenchMark module broken ?!

1st Mar 2014, 19:16
the very 1st thing I did after running the game is to benchmark my config / system and see how the game runs
to my surprise and utter amazement, the current framerate never got above 30FPS - I start wondering WTF is going on

disbelief settled in, I restarted the game a couple of times, fiddled with the graphical settings, tried both x86 and x64 exes - no joy, I was broken and upset
at that point I though there's something really wrong with the game, but .. I took a deep breath and started a new game just to see what's what - to my amazement (again) the game ran fine with very good FPS

so .. what's wrong with the benchmark module?
I even lowered the resolution to 640x480, can barely go above 30FPS while CPU usage is very close to 100% on all 4 cores :eek:


CPU: Intel Q9550 2.8Ghz
GPU: ATi 7870 w/ 2Gb GDRR5
RAM: 8Gb
OS: Win7 x64

today I had some free time so I did a benchmark on the 1st five minutes of gameplay
res: 1280x1024
settings on very hi, with texture filtering set to 16x:
this is a far cry from what the so called benchmark module inside the game tells me :nut:

2nd Mar 2014, 02:01
Def something very odd going on, I get similar stuff, the benchmark isn't in the slightest bit indicative of the game, I get almost consistent 45-60fps, but the benchmark (with no sound I might add?) would have me believe I should be at 20ish fps?

Also, the starting a new game thing? This seems to happen just with reload too. If I start getting lag sometimes I just reload. Often extreme lag goes away after 5 -10 seconds.

9th Mar 2014, 17:00
updated OP with a benchmark I did today on the 1st five minutes of gameplay