View Full Version : Minimap rotation backwards

1st Mar 2014, 18:45
I'm wondering what platforms this happens on besides PS3, but I noticed after going in an entirely wrong direction several times that when you lock the mini-map rotation, the whole thing flips 180 degrees so that the "south" for the menu map actually ends up at the "north" end of the mini-map. Not game breaking, but sure was incredibly confusing when I was trying to use the mini map to help me navigate to a place I wanted to reach after looking at the big map in the menu.

Easiest way to replicate this, once I realized what was happening, is just to face directly north, then turn the rotation lock on and off a couple of times. It's easy to notice that everything in the mini map flips and that the destination marker gets reversed.

2nd Mar 2014, 18:54
So I just turned on the mini map for the first time after beating the main quest and north is reversed on mine as well (PC). Or rather, one of the Norths is reversed, I'm not sure if it's the mini map or the main map. Also, I do not have mini map rotation turned on, so it appears one of them is just marked incorrectly, period.

3rd Mar 2014, 17:19
I'm inclined to believe it's the minimap that gets north screwed up when you lock the rotation, as with the rotation working the two "north" ends of each map sync up just fine. Also the positioning of the "south" quarter seems to confirm that the main map in the menu has north marked correctly.