View Full Version : Very low textures when using Virtu MVP Pro regardless of the actual in-game settings

1st Mar 2014, 12:39

In order to be able to run the games on my Thunderbolt monitor I need to use the software provided by Lucidogix, called Virtu MVP 2.0 (more details here: http://lucidlogix.com/products/virtu-mvp-2-0-for-windows/pro-edition/)

Thief(2014) is the first game I'm having troubles with when using it in combination with this software. What happens is: regardless of the texture resolution selected in the game's options, the textures displayed on screen are extremely low quality (it's like nothing even changes when I move the sliders in the options menu) . When I run the same game from the same setup on my HDMI Full HD TV (of course not using Virtu MVP, because I don't need it in this case, I need it just when using the Thunderbolt monitor..) everything is properly displayed.

I've obviously contacted Lucidlogix, but I'm writing here as well, just in case this is not just their "fault"(although I suspect it is) or in case anyone has the same problems and does not know what causes them...:mad2:

Thank you!

1st Mar 2014, 12:47
Hi there perhaps your having a similar issue to me, does the graphics your getting look similar to these pics bellow with the missing textures? or is it just low quality.


I use a HDMI samsung Monitor and I still have this problem with the low quality textures unfortunately.

1st Mar 2014, 17:49
thank you for the reply Sniperace01 ..looks similar to what i experience :(

1st Mar 2014, 17:55

1st Mar 2014, 17:57
looks like this:


23rd Mar 2014, 22:12
Problem fixed along with patch 1.3 ! YEY ! Thanx Nixxes !