View Full Version : Bugs so far (Eyefinity and CF)

1st Mar 2014, 12:28
So besides the subtitle desyncs and strange audio glitches, I've noticed a couple problems with Eyefinity and CF. You can see in the benchmark test one of the wanted posters is flickering, and you can see the same while freeroaming the city. I'm not sure what's the cause of it but it might be CF related.

With Eyefinity the menu that shows the special collectibles you picked up looks flattened. This was with 6048x1080 bezel compensated with a 7970/280X CF.

1st Mar 2014, 13:00
Here's pics of the issues:


1st Mar 2014, 15:31
Here's two more bugs. The item wheel has flickering issues, and SSAA causes buggy washed out fog in the background. This is with CF and Eeyfinity on, and maxed settings.


1st Mar 2014, 16:51
PC User
Can somebody please tell me which of the following things is happening:
1. I am an idiot and I'm in some kind of level where not being able to use the bow is part of the story
2. I am an idiot and left mouse button doesn't work the bow (and mapping it to the left mouse button also doesn't work the bow)
3.I am an idiot and you can't use the bow when you're stood/crouching/in the light/in the dark and I haven't tried the right combo
4. There is a bug that means I can't use the bow and so now I have to go outside and enjoy reality

I also can't throw the object I have.