View Full Version : game too much slow

1st Mar 2014, 11:01
i have the following specs:

- OS windows 7 64 bit ultimate edition
- CPU intel penitum G860 (dual core 3 GHz i suppose "dual core high performance...")
- RAM 4 GB
- GPU radeon HD5770 with 1 GB of memory and latest driver amd 14.2 beta version

now, i don't expect that i can run the game with all the maximum graphic details, but even with the lowest settings and with a resolution of 1280x800 the game runs too much sloooooowly, it's almost unplayable! and i have also a fastidious lag with the keyboard controls.

i think that the only way to fix these problems (and i see that these are common problems for many of the gamers) is hoping that the delevopers should release a patch, i hope so.